This Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Will Completely Cut Out the Middleman

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One of the most frustrating things about cooking is figuring out what temperature to use and how long to cook certain foods. This is especially the case when using an air fryer since most food packaging doesn't have air fryer-specific instructions (yet).


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Fortunately, someone who understands the air fryer struggle thought of a solution. A company called Lotteli Kitchen created an air fryer cheat sheet for over 100 different types of food. This includes different kinds of beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, frozen foods, and chicken. In addition to listing the food and its size, the sheet also lists the exact cooking temperature and time in minutes.


The best part is that the Lotteli Kitchen cheat sheet is magnetic and was designed to fit on your air fryer. It is specifically compatible with models like the Instant Vortex Air Fryer, Ultrean Air Fryer, Ninja Air Fryer, and the Cosori Air Fryer Max.

When you purchase the item, you get two cheat sheets (one of which lists air fryer favorites). They come in either black or white and can be purchased for $11.45 on Amazon.

h/t ​Food & Wine