This Luxe Sofa Is the Definition of Fashion Meets Function

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Every so often, there's a piece of furniture that truly doubles as a work of art. Where function meets form in the most perfect of ways. One that's sculptural and makes a statement in any room lucky enough to house it. Well, Maiden Home's Muir Sofa epitomizes this seamless combination. A modern masterpiece unlike anything we've seen before, this couch is sleek, original, thoughtful, and somehow still fits the most important criteria: comfort. Keep reading for all my thoughts on the chicest couch that's ever been made.


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(While Hunker did receive The Muir Sofa in exchange for an honest review, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Maiden Home, in any way.)


The Muir Sofa by Maiden Home is highly customizable. Ranging from linen to velvet, you'll start by selecting the desired cushion fabric, offered in both rich and muted tones. There are seven wood finishes: Natural Ash, Driftwood, Pecan, Coffee, Charcoal, Whitewash, and Greywash. Pick the best fit for your space, whether that be 80, 90, 100, or 110 inches wide, and select between a right or left sofa arm. For context, we tested the 100-inch long couch in our beloved Hunker House in the Natural Ash finish and Alabaster Performance Chenille.


Prices start at $3,950 for the 80-inch in merino and go up according to size and fabric type. The cushions are crafted from down, feathers, and memory foam — essentially the definition of comfort. The couch's construction resists unwanted sinking over time, so it will look fresh for years to come, and its frame is handcrafted from solid ash wood and is stained according to your finish preference.


Moving on to one of the coolest, and definitely most unique parts of this sofa: the built-in side table. It is both practical and decorative — ideal for your favorite beverage or chicest coffee table books.

Shipping is always free, with premium white glove delivery service (a huge plus). A bonus perk is the 30-day return window, where the company will pick up your sofa if you decide it isn't the one — no hassle at all. The lifetime guarantee is the cherry on top.



Where to even begin? I guess I have to start with the optics. This couch is simply stunning. From the rich wood to the non-traditional design, it's picture-perfect. My favorite part is definitely the attached side table — it's just so innovative. The Muir Sofa is subtle, yet striking, and definitely statement-making.


I really appreciate the ability to customize this piece according to individual aesthetics and budget. I also love how versatile it is. I truly believe this couch would look amazing nearly anywhere since it's neutral and boasts a simple frame. It's refined and sophisticated, but still fun. While the design is modern, it's simultaneously warm and would mix really well with a variety of styles.


My biggest worry before testing the sofa was definitely the comfort, but I must say, it's pretty damn comfortable. The fabric has such a nice feel to it and the cushions were plush without being too squishy. The Muir Sofa is basically the whole package.

In terms of logistics, the delivery was smooth, easy, and highly convenient. We will definitely be ordering from Maiden Home again.



I love this couch a lot and genuinely have very few cons. The only two I can think of are in relation to price and comfort. The price is definitely steep, but this couch will last a lifetime. It is a true investment piece. For its quality, unique design, and expert craftsmanship, I feel very confident that it's worth the cost.


Don't get me wrong, the couch is very comfortable. It's just not as cozy as a more traditional sofa when you're looking to be fully horizontal (which I often am). It doesn't scream, "Come sprawl out and nap on me!" But it's amazing for casually sitting or reclining on. For this reason, I think it would make the perfect formal sitting room sofa, but maybe not the ideal family room couch if you're just looking to veg out.


If you're seeking a one-of-a-kind design that will receive compliments left and right, this is your couch. It's truly a jaw-dropper (I gasped when I first saw it in person). As stated above, I would be strategic about where you choose to place this sofa, as it definitely leans more structured than relaxed. With that in mind, I highly recommend The Muir. I've already started saving up for one of my very own.

Maiden Home Muir Sofa (100" wide), $4,725