10 Sofas with Wood Accents That Are Totally on Trend and Need to Be Seen

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Image Credit: Stephen Paul

If you've been considering adding a sofa to your home with wood accents, you're on trend. Pinterest has seen an 829% surge in users searching for just that over the past year, according to data provided to us by the platform. Incorporating wood into your seating instantly warms a space in a way that only natural materials can. And designers are responding with wooden sofa designs that range from classic wood legs to imaginative wood frames that are sculptural masterpieces unto themselves. These are some of the designs we are swooning over.


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1. AllModern Bel-Air Sofa, $339

So much style for such a friendly price has us considering two Bel-Air sofas in blue and gray. The design is a wonderful combination of hard and soft, utilizing three types of wood — pine, plywood, and birch. The wood is paired with tufted seating and the always stylish rolled pillows in such a sophisticated manner. The gold-tipped legs finish the look off in a very midcentury way we love.

2. West Elm Pascale Sofa, $449

The timeless wood frame of the Pascale may not play a starring role in this design, but imagine how the piece would look without it. The wood legs give the sofa more personality even in its simplicity. This quite affordable choice is also available in an array of other fabric choices at a higher cost.

3. Urban Outfitters Reid Side Table Convertible Sofa, $699

Featuring an ash wood frame, this three pieces-in-one design — side table, sofa, and bed — is a smart choice for a small space and tight budget. Support legs are hidden in the back of the zippered cushion for your next houseguest.


4. Target Desdemona Sofa Set, $849.99

Why have just one piece when you can have four? This Christopher Knight Sofa sofa set in beige with curved seat backs and angled light-wood legs has a clean, contemporary feel. Its semi-formal appearance makes it a nice choice for a living room, but it can also be dressed down with small textured pillows and a comfy woven blanket.

5. Article Ceni Sofa, $999

The walnut-stained wood base with slanted legs and Aquarius aqua upholstery give this otherwise traditional-looking sofa added edge. Multiple-cushion couch fans, you'll appreciate that the seat and back cushions are loose for easy fluffing and maintenance.

6. Article Timber Sofa, $1,799

Natural elements abound with this midcentury modern leather sofa and honey oak trim. It could also work nicely in a library or office with a neutral rug for minimalists, or add interest with a colorful throw or loud patterned rug for a fun contrast.

7. Croft House Rivera Sofa, $4,100


The mix of materials — steel legs, leather straps, alder, and walnut wood — in this modern design is impressive. We'd place it away from a wall so it can be admired from all directions. The use of thin leather straps attached to a steel bar to keep the back pillows in place is a stroke of stylish brilliance.

8. ej123 Toward Sofa, $4,777

Oak legs with aluminum bottoms give this ultramodern sofa (slash bed) added pop appeal. Designed by Anne Boysen and made by Erik Jorgensen, this conversation piece features six different colored and textured upholstery from Kadrat Textiles for the cushions and mattress. It makes you smile just looking at it.

9. Croft House Carter Sofa, $4,900

We're loving the fresh look of this maple wood base that feels like a breath of fresh air. Made in Los Angeles, the Carter Sofa has a laidback Southern California vibe that is irresistible and current. And who wouldn't want to sink into those cushions for a day?

10. Pop & Scott The L-Dreamer Couch, $9,996.96


The Australia-based design team of Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson specialize in handmade pieces using locally sourced wood. You can feel good about investing in this stunning L-shaped couch with its two-tone wood frame, circular legs, deep seating for hours of lounging, and welcoming linen cushions available in various colors. We especially love the kid-friendly rounded corners and arms.


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