I Finally Found A Couch That Fits In My Studio Apartment

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I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been searching for the perfect couch to fit in my minuscule apartment for two and a half years. Yes, you heard that right — TWO AND A HALF YEARS.


And I am happy to report that I've finally found it.

Let's start from the beginning. Living in Los Angeles is expensive. And living alone in L.A. is ​super​ expensive. Hence, the tiny apartment. I am obsessed with nearly everything about solo inhabitance, but I must say — my biggest struggle is separating the sleeping space from the "chilling" space.

In my last studio, I settled for a teeny, uncomfortably stiff loveseat I inherited from my parents (it's hard to say no to free things). I decided it would be my placeholder until I found an actual couch that more than one person could ​comfortably​ fit on. Cut to two years later — I was moving into my next (equally tiny) studio apartment with the same freaking loveseat. I literally decided I would rather have no couch than that one, so I gave it to a pal.

And thus, I've been couch-less ever since — until about a month ago when my life changed forever (not to be dramatic or anything).

Turns out the perfect couch for a small space exists and it's called the Pebble Loveseat. This Castlery masterpiece is technically called a loveseat, but feels just a few inches shy of a full-blown couch. That's what makes it ideal. Its dimensions are big enough to easily sit two people, but just small enough to avoid taking up my entire apartment. Keep reading for all my thoughts, plus an exclusive discount code.

(While I did receive this Castlery Loveseat in exchange for an honest review, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Castlery​, in any way.)


Let's start with the brand. Castlery is a direct-to-consumer retailer with the mission of creating chic, well-made furniture at an honest price. The company collaborates with famed designers around the world to beautifully craft pieces with killer style. Their selection ranges from dining sets and outdoor furniture to, of course, a wide assortment of couches.


The goal of the Pebble Collection is to "add sophisticated simplicity and contemporary charm" to any room of the house. And it does just that. Boasting a solid wood frame, the Pebble loveseat features a gently curved design and brass-capped legs. The fabric base and cushion covers are available in four brand new colors — Ivory White, Ocean Blue, Forest Green, and my personal favorite — Shadow Gray. I own the loveseat in this shade and would describe it as a very dark heather gray.

The loveseat is 73.2 inches by 34.6 inches by 32.3 inches. For reference, that is just 9.9 inches shorter than the Pebble 3 Seater Sofa. But that 9.9 inches is the difference between fitting in my apartment and not fitting in my apartment. Those 10 inches are also not a ton to sacrifice when it comes to size and comfort. That's why this couch feels like such a rare find. It's much less of a loveseat and more of a mildly petite couch.


Image Credit: Erin Lassner

I love how this style is sleek and fresh, but still has a timeless look to it. The colors offered are rich, and it's very clear the couch is crafted with a huge amount of care. Unsurprisingly, my favorite part is for sure the size — it epitomizes a happy medium between ample comfort and practicality.

Another important test I conducted is what I like to refer to as "couch sleep," AKA sleeping for a full night on the sofa. I consider it a huge part of my identity. To prove how seriously I take it, I did a major couch sleep the first night my sofa arrived. I slept wonderfully. The couch is long and deep enough for me to fully spread out. Please keep in mind — I am 5-feet 2-inches — but I will for sure be having even my taller friends sleep on it when they spend the night.



In terms of seat softness, the site ranks it as a three on a scale of one to five. I think I would rate it a four. I was honestly a bit concerned it would be too stiff when it first arrived (and I was prepared to fully include that in my review), but it has since softened up a ton, which is amazing because I'm a fan of everything else about this sofa.


You probably won't be surprised to hear that I would highly recommend this loveseat. Good couches can be so expensive, and while $969 is by no means inexpensive, it's very affordable in the world of exceptionally crafted furniture.

I would suggest this sofa to anyone with a small space who craves simplicity with a little added detail (the brass-capped legs are to die for).

When I buy and furnish a full house one day, Castlery will be at the top of my list.

Castlery Discount

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Castlery Pebble Loveseat, $969


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