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"I don't want my home to feel warm and cozy," said just about no one ever. Regardless of what cozy means to you (traditional with nostalgic decor, modern lines with summery colors or full-on cottagecore), we all want the spaces we spend the most time in to feel inviting — to ourselves and to our guests.


In our latest Hunker House project, we brought our own interpretation of warm and cozy to life by adding a show-stopping feature that will quite literally warm up the living area in more ways than one: The SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace.

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Equal parts modern and traditional, the easy-to-install fireplace features a minimalist frame and owner's choice of ember and flame styles, plus the option to crank up the thermostat (let there be warmth!) or enjoy the ambience sans heat.

With the fireplace as the focal point, we designed out the rest of the space using light wood furniture, neutral accents, and a few nature-inspired touches. Look like a place you'd like to cozy up in? Shop the statement pieces below.

credit: Paul Anderson



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