This Modern Fireplace Adds Warmth (Literally and Aesthetically) to Any Room

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Fact: The best kinds of home-improvement projects provide wow-worthy results, without taking as much effort as you'd think.


And despite the fact that the opposite is often true (raise your hand if you've ever gotten knee-deep in a DIY before realizing it was a lot harder to pull off than you anticipated), there are a few types of projects you can rely on to ​actually​ be as easy as they seem — like installing a fireplace.

Now, before you stop reading in disbelief, check out the modern-yet-warm living space we created at the Hunker House thanks to the SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace, which (we promise) was truly incredibly easy to install.

When we decided to add the Allusion Platinum to the Hunker House, we could have just attached it to a bare space on the wall and plugged it in ("[Wall-mounted fireplaces] mount on a wall similar to a television and plug into your standard outlet," says Joe Kuefler, Category Director at SimpliFire), but our design vision was to create something a bit more homey and custom.

With the easy part figured out (picking out the Allusion Platinum fireplace), we started on the customization process — designing and framing out the wall where the fireplace would live. Without the necessity of a true chimney or complicated vents, the process was as simple as assembling the hearth-style framing and popping the fireplace into place.

"The biggest benefit of electric fireplaces is the simplicity of installation and ease of use," Kuefler says. "There is no venting or chimney required, they can be installed nearly anywhere in a home, and there is no mess to clean up like there is with wood fireplaces."


And while, yes, the simple installation process is arguably one of the biggest pros, the benefits of an electric fireplace don't stop there. "Because they can be operated with or without heat, you can enjoy the ambiance year-round," Kuefler says. "Additionally, TVs and artwork are safe to install directly above, which is not always the case with wood or gas fireplaces."

Building out the wall to hold the fireplace allowed it to sit flush with the wall, creating the illusion that it was built with the house. And thanks to its minimal frame, the realistic-looking fire becomes the subtle focal point of the space.

If you want something that makes even more of a statement, the fireplace can easily accomplish that, too, with four flame and 13 ember-bed color options to choose from to fit your home's aesthetic. "Customizing your look and setting the mood has never been easier," Kuefler says. See? We told you installing an impressive fireplace could be simple.

Looking to add some warmth to your own living space? Get started by exploring electric fireplaces from SimpliFire.