Sixpenny's Theo Coffee Table Is the Most Beautiful Piece of Furniture I've Ever Owned

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Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and had a visceral reaction? Like, audibly gasped at the sheer perfection of it? Well, that's exactly how I felt the first time I laid eyes on Sixpenny's Theo Coffee Table.


Let's rewind a little bit. I've always been a fan of low-profile furniture. Some may say it's because I'm short, but I honestly think it's due to the effect that low-to-the-ground pieces have on a space. They instantly create a room that's cozy yet simultaneously elevated (in design — obviously not in height). And what more perfect combination exists? I'll wait.

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Now, back to the table. Sixpenny is hands down my favorite furniture brand of the moment. It accomplishes the perfect mashup of high design and livability. So, when the brand — famously known for its iconic Neva Sofa — expanded its offerings to tables, there was nothing more I wanted to try. And since I'd just moved into a new apartment, there was no better time to test one. Here's everything to know about the Theo Coffee Table by Sixpenny.

​(While I did receive the Sixpenny Theo Coffee Table in exchange for an honest review, all of the following thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by Sixpenny in any way.)

What makes the Theo Coffee Table so special?

"Inspired by timeless Nagaland craftsmanship" yet "infused with modern gusto," as the Sixpenny website aptly describes, the Theo Coffee Table is effortlessly charming and undeniably luxe. It's hand-carved from reclaimed Chinese pine and features rounded edges and turned legs. It's sold in two equally stunning finishes: Heritage Pine (a medium tone) and Dusky Pine (a much deeper tone). While I normally gravitate toward lighter woods, I was instantly drawn to the latter for its exceptional richness.


In terms of dimensions, the Theo is 76 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and just 11 inches high. It weighs just over 70 pounds, attesting to its solid wood construction. Speaking of the wood, it's all selected, cut, laminated, assembled, and sanded by hand. It's then treated with a topcoat for seal.

The key takeaways: It's long, low to the ground, and made with unmatched craftsmanship from the highest-quality materials.



Sixpenny Delivery and Setup

Sixpenny offers two delivery options: complimentary threshold delivery and white glove delivery. The former means that the carrier will leave your shipment at the front door of your house or apartment, while the latter includes bringing your shipment into the room of your choice, unpacking the product, doing any necessary assembly, and disposing of the packaging. White glove delivery costs $100 and is recommended for large items and/or tricky delivery paths.


In regard to my personal experience, I had the white glove delivery and think it's 100% worth the cost if that's feasible for you. Plus, I could not have even lifted this table let alone brought it up to the fourth floor of my building by myself.

It was also very easy to coordinate. The delivery company called me to find a time that worked on my end for drop-off and setup. One of the legs was accidentally scuffed during the setup, and the customer care I received was exceptional. They replaced the entire table in a matter of days and made the whole process quite seamless. While this hiccup was totally random and seemed quite rare, it was actually the perfect opportunity to see just how top tier Sixpenny's customer support team is.


What are the pros and cons of Sixpenny's Theo Coffee Table?


  • The piece is unique and unlike anything else I've seen on the market.
  • The materials are top of the line.
  • The table is timeless, and thanks to its quality, it will be with you for a lifetime.
  • The customer care team is wonderful.


  • The price is steep, but if it's within your budget, it is 100% worth the investment. The craftsmanship and design are unmatched.

Is Sixpenny's Theo Coffee Table Worth It?

The Theo Coffee Table is simply the most beautiful piece of furniture I own. It is the very first thing people notice when they walk into my apartment. "That's the nicest coffee table I've ever seen in my life" and "You will have that table forever" are just a couple of the things guests have noted. My favorite was when my friend said, "Now that's an adult piece of furniture." I laughed, but it's also so true. The Theo is sophisticated, special, and a piece I will admire forever.



More Affordable Alternatives

While nothing will ever quite compare to the Theo Coffee Table, here are a few beautiful options at more budget-friendly price points.




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