The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables to Maximize Your Space

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Much like bed frames and sofas, dining tables are essential to making your space feel like a home, but sometimes, a standard option might not cut it. Whether you have a small apartment or a large dining room, a versatile extendable dining table might be your best household investment yet — not to mention that with the holiday season ahead, they're perfect for hosting.


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What is an extendable dining table?

As the name suggests, extendable dining tables can be adjusted to expand and provide more surface area and seating. And the best part about them is that they're perfect for any size of home. For small apartments that are limited on space, you can add a compact table that can be expanded during meal times or used as a multifunctional home office space. They're also great for people who love to host large dinner parties and occasionally need a bigger dining room table.


Available in several different types, you can get extendable designs like drop-leaf, where a hinged section can fold down; a removable leaf that uses extensions that aren't attached and are either added to or removed from the table; a butterfly leaf, where the leaf divides and folds in the middle; and a self-storing leaf, where the leaf is stored under the table.

How do I choose an extendable dining table?

Buying an extendable table for your home boils down to four factors: budget, space, seating needs, and style. Luckily, there are value, midprice, and splurge options available on the market regardless of your budget. In terms of space and seating needs, you'll want to make sure that both the collapsed and expanded versions of the table can accommodate your seating needs while comfortably fitting in your space. And of course, interior design plays a role in finding the best extendable dining table. Extendable dining tables are available in a range of styles, from midcentury modern to farmhouse.


The Best Extendable Dining Tables

This versatile set includes an 18-inch console table that converts an almost 10-foot table and a bench that expands from 28 inches to over 11 feet. With five panels and four wood finishes, you can customize this set for all of your seating needs, accommodating up to 12 guests comfortably.


Perfect for small spaces, this 36-inch drop-leaf, midcentury-modern-style table can seat up to four dining chairs.


This pick from West Elm is another space-saving design with a sustainably sourced solid wood top, chic metal base, and two drop-leaf panels.


Essentially made for small kitchens and dining rooms, this gateleg design has a seating capacity of two to four people. With two drop-leaves and six built-in drawers under the table, you can store everything from extra utensils to dinnerware.


5. Article Madera Oak Extendable Dining Table, $1,499

Great for big family gatherings, this textured, solid-wood table can seat eight to 12 people with removable leaf extensions.


Looking for a contemporary design? This option from Wayfair has a sleek, glass top and two self-stored, pull-out extensions to seat eight to 10 people.


This beautiful extendable table has a curved silhouette and cathedral wood grain that can fit six to eight people with a removable leaf extension.


Opt for an ultra-cool modern extendable table with this find from Lumens. With a sturdy, solid steel base, it can easily seat eight to 10 people.

This versatile extendable dining table can seat between four to six people and blends seamlessly into any space, from midcentury modern to farmhouse.

Give your dining room a modern touch with this sleek extendable dining table. It has a walnut wood top and metal legs with a brass finish. With a butterfly leaf mechanism, it can seat between four and eight people.

Available in three sizes, this classic midcentury modern design has a leaf extension that can be placed in the center of the table to make space for two more people.

Enjoy this rustic dining table with a self-storing butterfly leaf design that comfortably seats up to six people.

Found on Amazon for under $200, this folding table can be used as a desk or dining table. It has two storage racks and lockable casters to move the table around with ease.

Craving clean lines and that chic minimalist flair? Try this dining table from Levity. It has a self-stored leaf that allows you to seat between six and eight people. And to add to its functionality, the table is water-resistant and heat-resistant.

Inspired by Italian farmhouse design, this table from Pottery Barn can fit six to 12 people with three different size options.

Crafted with white oak wood, this small-space-friendly table has wood slab angle legs and can seat four to six people with a removable leaf extension.

This solid acacia wood dining table from editor-favorite Castlery is a high-quality, midrange pick with a classic design. According to reviews, it's great for medium to small spaces.

Opt for a sleek and contemporary look with this extendable dining table made with a glass tabletop and legs. Paired with chrome detailing, it will make any dining space instantly chicer.

If you love a bright and airy color palette, put this Scandinavian extendable dining table on your radar. A best-seller at 2Modern, it's made from sustainable, solid oak wood and can seat up to six people when extended.

With clean lines and a modern yet rustic vibe, this dining table from Pottery Barn will warm up any dining area. It can seat between six and eight people and works well in both bigger and smaller spaces.


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