The 10 Best Dinnerware Brands to Bring Quality to Your Table

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Unlike vacuums, toilet paper, or detergent, dinnerware is a necessity that's actually fun to purchase. The options are endless and the prices range from budget-friendly to high-end, which means there is a perfect set for everyone. Beautiful dishes do so much more than present food nicely — they tie a room together, set a scene, and allow a group of people to share a special meal around the dining table.


There are certainly things to consider before making your purchase, and that's where we come in! Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Are you seeking something for everyday use or special occasions only? How many people do you need to serve? How durable do you want the dishware to be? Do you need the pieces to be dishwasher and microwave safe? And of course, you must figure out what price range you feel comfortable with.

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A "good set" is very different for everyone since we all have different priorities when it comes to style, durability, weight, and cleanability. Keep reading for 10 of our favorite dinnerware brands across all price points, plus details about everything from materials and practicality to design and formality.

The 10 Best Dinnerware Brands to Bring Quality to Your Table

Leeway Home is a rising brand that offers so much value for the price, no matter if you're feeding a few or feeding an army. Either select a pre-curated set or mix and match to create your own customized grouping with the "Build Your Own Kit" feature. Plus, everything is microwave and dishwasher safe, and the brand often offers discounts for your first purchase.


Our pick:The Full Way 44-Piece Set, $275

Juliska started its journey with mouth-blown glassware and evolved into dinnerware, serveware, flatware, and more. Everything is strikingly beautiful and blends sophistication with hints of playfulness. While Juliska products ring up at a higher price point, the quality and design are impeccable. Plus, Juliska offers melamine versions of the brand's classic ceramic dinnerware — just keep in mind that melamine is not microwave safe. Stoneware, the type of ceramic the brand uses, is microwave-friendly.



Our pick:Juliska Berry & Thread Chambray Collection, starting at $30

Pfaltzgraff has been in the ceramic industry for over 200 years and now stands as one of the best-known dinnerware brands in the game. If you're not set on a specific style, color, or design, Pfaltzgraff is the perfect place to gain some inspiration. The brand has an especially beautiful selection of holiday tableware. And due to its massive success and large factories, Pfaltzgraff is able to keep prices incredibly reasonable.


Our pick:Winterberry Service for 8 with Serveware, $194.99

Exhibiting beautiful craftsmanship for nearly 120 years, Noritake is another staple dinnerware manufacturer. From ceramics to china and bone china, the brand offers tons of collections, ranging across all price points. The website also includes a great host of information — most notably, a guide that explains which products are dishwasher and microwave safe. The best part? Noritake will replace any broken dinnerware, stemware, or serveware at a discounted price.



Our pick:Noritake 20-Piece Value Set, $218

5. Mikasa

Mikasa boasts one of the largest selections of dinnerware in the world. The brand offers an assortment of boldly patterned and solid sets, and by no means sticks to one particular decor style. It's another company that produces enough product to keep the prices quite low for the high quality. Additionally, the brand is constantly releasing new designs and offering sweet deals.


Our pick:Mikasa French Countryside 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, $114.99

For the lowest prices on large sets of dinnerware, it's no surprise that we turn to Amazon's in-house brand. If unique design and handmade goods are not your top priorities and you're instead seeking a really solid, simple set to get the job done, then look no further. In classic Amazon fashion, the options are endless and each price seems to be lower than the next.


Our pick:Amazon Basics 18-Piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set, $44.99


It's time to get fancy. Founded in England in 1759 — yes, you heard that right — Wedgwood is your go-to for fine china. While the brand offers everything from serveware to home decor, it's most highly regarded for its bone china masterpieces — hence, the higher price point. For clarification, bone china is a form of porcelain that includes bone ash and is often considered the crème de la crème of dinnerware. An ultra-special gift for yourself or a loved one, Wedgwood's bone china has unmatchable detail and intricacies. These are true forever pieces. If you love the patterns but aren't quite ready to splurge, you can start your collection with just one special piece, or even better, check out the "Last Chance" sale for all the best deals. Be sure to check whether or not your purchase is dishwasher safe — if so, use proper detergent, according to the brand's care guide.


Our pick:Wedgwood Renaissance Gold 4-Piece Place Setting, $180

8. Gibson

Another über-affordable brand is Gibson. It's a go-to for vibrant colors and fun designs, but certainly features a selection of subtle sets. It's nearly impossible to find 12-piece bundles for just about $30, but Gibson makes it a reality. It's a great brand if you're looking to get various sets for all different occasions.



Our pick:Gibson Home Brist Melamine 12-Piece Dinnerware Set, $25.99

It's no secret that our hearts beat extra fast for anything by Our Place. This insanely buzzy and rapidly expanding brand made its way into dinnerware, knives, and cutting boards just this year, and its offerings are so good. If you like minimalist, very current styles and don't need a load of options, Our Place is a winner. The pieces are sustainably made from recycled porcelain ceramic and then hand-painted with a combo of matte and glossy finishings. They're also stackable, lightweight, and durable — both scratch and chip-resistant. While the prices are very fair to begin with, you can save extra money when you up the number of main plates, side plates, side bowls, and tiny bowls. All dishes come in sets of either four or eight but all dish styles are sold separately, so there's no pressure to own a full set.

Our pick:Our Place Side Bowls (set of 4), $45

If you are naturally drawn to West Elm's style, you will certainly love the brand's dinnerware. Nearly everything is in neutral or soft tones with the occasional pop of color. The selection is big, the prices are very fair, and you can shop an assortment of materials — including porcelain, stoneware, and melamine dinnerware.

Our pick:West Elm 24-Piece Kanto Glazed Stoneware Dinnerware Set, $308

What to Look for in a Dinner Set


Dinnerware is a fun purchase to make because there are truly endless design options. And bonus: Dinnerware sets don't need to match perfectly with every part of your home, which provides lots of room for creativity. Of course, it should be in line with your overall interior design scheme, but you can totally switch it up with colors and patterns that you may not go for in the rest of your space.


The interesting thing about durability is that the more delicate-looking materials tend to be more durable, and the sturdier-looking ones tend to be more fragile. Starting with the most durable material, melamine is essentially unbreakable, so it's perfect for young children or outdoor use. Outside of plastic, the delicate-looking bone china surprisingly takes the cake as the most durable material. Porcelain or china (two different names for the same thing) is quite durable as well. Stoneware is a bit less durable than that but still more durable than earthenware, which can chip rather easily.


Ceramic dinnerware tends to be the heaviest, then china and bone china, and the lightest is melamine since it's a form of plastic. And while nothing will ever be as light as disposable tableware, owning a set of dinnerware is both a smart economic and environmental choice.


Always read the manufacturer's guidelines before washing or microwaving your new set. Most dinnerware nowadays is both dishwasher and microwave safe, but certainly not always. For example, melamine and china with gold accents are not recommended for the microwave.


Quality shows when it comes to dinnerware, so you shouldn't be hesitant to invest in a good set. It really comes down to the phase you're at in life, what it's being used for, and ultimately what you're comfortable spending.

Range of Items

Dinnerware sets vary drastically in what they choose to include. These items can range from three different-size plates and accompanying teacups to simpler sets with less variety. This really comes down to how formal you need your table setting to be.



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