9 Ideas We Stole From Instagram for Setting a Holiday Table

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If your holiday celebrations were a bit low-key last year, make up for that with a festive dinner party in 2021. While the food might be the main part of the show, we (of course) love the decorating part, too. That's why we've turned to Instagram to get some inspiration for our holiday tablescapes. Check out some of our favorite looks below.


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1. Classic Plaid

Red, green, and white are the colors of Christmas, and we love a traditional tablescape like this plaid one by @sandra.kaminski. Simply start with a plaid tablecloth as your foundation and go from there, adding plaid napkins and matching decorative objects.


2. A Rainbow Runner of Presents

If a traditional color palette is a little too staid for you, consider creating a centerpiece from colorfully wrapped presents — @casadeperrin shows us how it's done! To borrow the look, simply purchase a set of gift wrap featuring different colors.


3. Outdoor Elegance

If you live in a warmer climate, take your dinner party outside. At this setting by @sarahsgardendesign, a cedar garland runs down the table, while chairs are draped with cozy throws in case it gets a little chilly. Who can resist a tablescape that's both fashionable and functional?


4. Regal Blue and White

Blue and white porcelain might be a go-to for spring and summer tablescapes, but we think it works perfectly for the holidays, too — especially when paired with a winter floral arrangement and gold details, just as @gretchenblack has done.


5. Modern Twist on the Classics

For a more contemporary look, @lardecormado has paired black and white plaid table linens with oranges — literal oranges! We think this is a delightfully fun spin on classic holiday patterns and motifs. (And check out those sparkly reindeer!)


6. Candle Vases

For an easy centerpiece idea, we like @lindseymeehandesigns' style. Get some wide glass vases, fill them with pillar candles or floating votives, and accent them with some winter greenery and cranberries.


7. Maximalist Everything

If you're not afraid of going bold, try out a maximalist look like @ivoryandnoire's loud and proud tablescape. We love the big floral centerpiece, the colorful plates, and gold cutlery. The best part is that you can easily mix and match items you already have when taking a maximalist approach.


8. Chic Minimalism

On the opposite side of the spectrum is @melissaselmin's minimalist tablescape, which features a neutral color palette and simple decorations, like twigs and tall brass candle holders.

9. A Cake Stand Centerpiece

Another easy centerpiece idea is this one by @inspiredbycharm — turn a cake stand into a snow globe! All you need is a cake stand (of course), small decor houses, a mini evergreen tree (which you can likely find at a craft store), and fake snow.