16 Disposable Tableware Options

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Let's be honest: Most disposable tableware is ugly. And it's not easy to find options that look as classy as the real deal ... but, they do exist. So we've done some searching for you to track down the hidden gems.


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Below, 16 disposable tableware options that look surprisingly nice for your next party.

1. Wasara Kaku Large Square Plate (set of eight), $8

2. Harlow & Grey Muse Abstract Large Paper Plates (set of eight), $6.95


3. Mepra Outdoor Italian Flatware ( set of 16 ), $76

4. Leaf & Fiber Handmade Compostable Round Palm Leaf Plates ( set of 100 ), starting at $59.99


5. Verterra Large Compostable Wooden Plates (Set of 25), $25


6. Kaya Collection White With Gold Rim Round Buffet Plates ( set of 20 ), $20.99


7. Weddingstar Hexagon Party Paper Dessert Plate (set of eight), $19.99


8. Meri Meri Children's Cat Plates (set of eight), $5.95


9. Crate and Barrel Terrazzo Large Paper Plates (set of eight), $7.95


10. Meri Meri Large Neon Plates (set of eight), $6.50

11. Crate and Barrel Split Small Paper Plates (set of eight), $6.95

12. Sweet Lulu Modern Wine Glasses (set of eight), $14

13. Meri Meri Large Mandala Plates (set of eight), $6.50

14. Crate and Barrel Party Confetti Large Paper Plates (set of eight), $2.97

15. PretaPartyNY Disposable Vintage Modern White Party Plates ( set of 10 ), starting at $6.75

16. Meri Meri Children's Small Bear Plates ( set of 12 ), $5.50