30 Dining Table Decor Ideas for Any Style of Home

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Show your dining room table some love by giving it an eye-catching centerpiece that will make it look polished and put together all year long. Whether you use your table on a daily basis or you reserve it for special occasions, like holidays or birthdays, there are simple ways to make sure it's always looking its best. Incorporating little things — like a table runner, a vase of flowers, and a few candlesticks — is a quick and easy and easy way to make your tablescape shine. If you have a more formal setup that isn't used very often, consider leaving place settings out to elevate your scheme and to make dressing up the table for impromptu dinner parties a piece of cake. Here are 30 table decor ideas to ensure that your dining room is always ready to party.


30 Dining Table Decor Ideas

1. Try a rectangular moss centerpiece.

Keep your dining room clean clutter-free with a no-fuss centerpiece that doesn't need to be moved every time you sit down for a meal. The large wooden dough bowl and collection of moss-covered balls chosen by Sarah from Life on Virginia Street are substantial enough to fill the middle of the large table without encroaching on the eating space. And guests can carry on a conversation without having to talk around a giant vase or sculptural foliage.

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2. Use a striped runner as a backdrop.

Use a runner to keep other pieces of home decor — like a vase of flowers or a pair of taper candles — from feeling like they're floating in the middle of your table. The blue and white striped number spotted in this setup by Erin from Sunny Circle Studio helps anchor the simple white vase and dainty candlesticks while coordinating with the rest of the room. Pro tip: When selecting a runner, make sure it is machine washable so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty during dinner.


3. Invest in placemats so you're always ready for guests.

Make sure your dining room is always ready for impromptu brunch dates and dinner parties by keeping the placemats out around the clock. Add a slim wooden tray filled with napkins and stylish salt and pepper pinch pots like Carrie from Dream Green DIY. This table decor idea is both pretty ​and​ practical.


4. Opt for large-scale pottery to balance a big table.

Carry the minimalist vibes from the rest of your home straight into the dining room. Follow in the ultra-stylish footsteps of designer Shea McGee of Studio McGee and use your favorite vintage pottery as a centerpiece. These oversize pieces have enough character on their own and don't even need to be filled with flowers or foliage. It doesn't get much easier than this.



5. Use the rule of threes.

When in doubt, follow the rule of threes when it comes to accessories. This farmhouse table belonging to Matilyn of Rustic Vivo Design features a short table runner, a pair of ceramic bowls, and a vase. While all three pieces are different shapes, they work together since they are the same color. Moss and eucalyptus branches add an organic element and a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space.


6. Make the place settings part of your decor.

Your dining room table will always look put together when you take the time to make sure your plates and napkins match the rest of the room. This bright and airy space designed by Ashley from Sugar and Cloth uses black plates and striped napkins, which tie in the centerpiece bowl and the artwork on the wall.


7. Illuminate a feast with oversize pillars and candleholders.

Go with a pair of oversize pillars and candleholders to add drama without cluttering your table à la this dark dining room by Jake Arnold, co-founder of the design consultation firm The Expert. This design is proof that you don't have to splurge on an intricately complicated centerpiece in order to make your table look like it was dressed by a high-end designer.



8. Welcome a lustrous brass accent.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

When it comes to selecting a centerpiece for a round table, keep it simple and sophisticated with a decorative bowl. In this stylish setup, not only does the bowl echo the shape of the table, but the brass finish adds a bit of warm luster to boot. You can also constantly change up the look depending on what you put in the bowl or you can opt to leave it empty — the dazzling finish makes this piece strong enough to stand on its own.


9. Forage greenery from your yard.

Skip the flowers and fill your favorite vase or vintage water jug with green clippings from your yard instead. Sisters Shannon and Jenna from The Busy Bee did just that in this modern farmhouse dining room. You'll be shocked at how long they last with nothing more than a periodic water change, and even better, you won't have to worry about picking up falling flower petals every day.


10. Infuse drama with old-school candelabras.

When you have a dark dining area, like this dramatic space by Gwen of The Makerista, its important to incorporate some lighter elements to balance things out. In addition to the oversize art and the white sideboard, the tall white tapers also help brighten up the moody setup. Old-school candelabras match the style of the room, but the silver finish also helps to reflect the light.


11. Showcase a few easy to care for houseplants in coordinating planters.

If your dining room lacks windows, you can still bring the outside in with a few easy to care for houseplants. Follow the lead of Holly from Update My Cape and consider low-light greenery such as aloe or a snake plant. The planters don't need to be identical in size or shape, but it's best to keep them all in the same color family for a cohesive and intentional look.

12. Turn your runner the other way.

Doing something as simple as turning your runner so it goes across the middle of your table rather than from end to end, like the team behind Coco Kelley did in this dining room, can completely change the look of your entire space. Add a few fresh flowers in a glass vase and voilà — you're ready for a dinner party with your closest friends.

13. Focus on function with a fruit bowl and a water carafe.

Offering your guests a snack or a glass of water is easier than ever when you've always got both at your fingertips. This sparse California-cool dining room by Amber Interiors is a prime example of less is more. A bowl of apples and a water carafe is a sensible centerpiece idea, especially for a table that is used on a daily basis.


14. Let your dining table be the star.

If you've got a dining room table with killer details, like this dark wood and gold beauty in this setup by Veneer Designs, it's best to not even try to compete with it. Instead, opt for simple white dishware and placemats and let the unique furniture piece be the star of the show. A trio of matte black candlesticks acts as the perfect finishing touch by tying in the chairs and the window frames.

15. Make a statement with an oversize centerpiece.

Looking for a chic and oh-so-styled dining table decor idea? Grab a large vase and billowy branches. Shauna from The House of Silver Lining did just that using a simple white planter placed inside of a woven jute basket for a cool layered look. This is such an easy idea to recreate that you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

16. Use a tray to ground your display.

A basic round tray is a good thing to have on hand because you never know when or where you'll end up using it. For instance, Michaela from Michaela Diane Designs used this one to help her corral a slim vase filled with fresh eucalyptus, a candle, and a few small snack bowls. The tray grounds the arrangement and makes it easy to move everything at once when it's time to clean the table.

17. Mix and match.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

In case you haven't heard, mixing and matching accessories is a great way to ... well, mix things up. As witnessed in this farmhouse-style dining space, the approach applies to more than just table decor — in the form of cone-shaped candleholders and a bowl — but the dining chairs, too. And when woven together, the different shapes and materials result in a laid-back scheme that's bursting with visual interest.

18. Keep it boho with natural elements.

If the rest of your house is filled with rustic bohemian touches and natural elements, your dining room should be no different. Take this setup by Emily Billings, for example. The brown ceramic vase matches the terra cotta flooring, while the black stone candleholders tie in the abstract artwork from Block Shop.

19. Go for a classic black-and-white color combination.

Some things, like a black-and-white color scheme, just never go out of style. This classic dining area put together by Sarah from Room for Tuesday puts a simple white table runner, a pair of black candlesticks, and a small flower arrangement to work. It's a clean, sophisticated, and timeless look that will make your space look great all year long.

20. Employ a handful of small planters.

Fill a long dining room table, without compromising eating space or blocking your view, with a row of small bud vases down the center, like Cortney Bishop did here. The bright blue color complements the area rug and the vertical line echoes the light fixture silhouette. This is one decor idea that doesn't seem like much, but it actually ties the whole room together.

21. Consider a small fruit tree.

Instead of going with flowers or foraged branches that will eventually need to be changed out, opt for a small fruit tree like Chrissy from the Chrissy Marie Blog. The bright yellow lemons add a punch of color and will undoubtedly be one of the first things your guests notice. Add a stack of plain white dishware next to it so you'll always be ready for company.

22. Welcome texture with wooden beads.

If you have an open floor plan, it's important that your dining room table looks good from all angles and that it coordinates with the rest of your home. Follow in the footsteps of Zenia from Style it Pretty Home and add texture to your table with a strand of oversize wooden beads and dramatic tassels. Paired with a large floral arrangement and a decorative bowl, the collective display is a feast for the eyes.

23. Invite autumnal flair.

The changing seasons are a great time to change up the look of your table decor, as proven by this autumnal centerpiece. Hunker contributor Sara Albers crafted this beauty using dried florals and cane webbing. The seasonal display blends in seamlessly with the gorg place settings made up of light pink dishware and brass cutlery sitting on top of a natural linen runner.

24. Make it fun.

We just love the whimsical approach that Megababe founder Katie Sturino went with for her table decor. She opted for a gilded, semi-peeled banana sculpture from Jonathan Adler that will surely make for some interesting dinner conversation. The cheeky piece — which sits on a dining table flaunting a dark wood finish — is flanked by a pair of wingback chairs upholstered in emerald green velvet that acts as a flawless accompaniment.

25. Put a snake plant to work.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

We've said it before and we'll say it again: you don't need to spend a lot of money (or any, in fact) to dress up your dining table. Put items you already have sitting around your house to work. For example, in this light-filled dining room, a verdant snake plant and a wooden tray are the only pieces of decor a rustic farmhouse table needs in order to shine.

26. Practice minimalism with a stylish wood bowl.

If you're a minimalist at heart, then this simple decor idea is perfect for you. Showcase a handcrafted wooden bowl in a contrasting wood finish to make a subtle yet impactful statement.

27. Don't underestimate the power of dried grasses.

Fresh flowers and potted plants are always a popular choice when it comes to table decor, but dried florals and grasses have been picking up steam as of late, and it's easy to see why. In this Scandinavian boho design, the small bunch of ornamental grass perched in a petite ceramic vase blends in beautifully with the rest of the neutral table decor ​and​ adds a bit of organic texture to boot.

28. Inject a pop of color with fresh flowers.

And speaking of fresh flowers ... this table decor idea is pretty much foolproof. Not to mention, it's a quick and easy way to bring a little bit of the outdoors in while simultaneously injecting a vibrant pop of color. The yellow-orange blooms look positively radiant and are a welcome change of scenery in this farmhouse scheme that features a heavy dose of wood.

29. Celebrate the holiday season with a colorful display.

If you ever needed an excuse to add some extra flair to your dining table (and we're of the mind that you don't), the holidays would definitely be a good one. And what better way to celebrate the season and deck out your table than with this little DIY project by Sara Albers? All you need are a few cardboard cones, paint, yarn, and hot glue, and you too could enjoy a colorful and festive Christmas tree forest centerpiece all winter long.

30. Craft an edible runner.

Here's one decorating idea that your guests will undoubtedly love: an edible runner. Thanks to this fruit-filled solution, gone are the days of wasting away while waiting for dinner to be served. With a quick trip to the produce aisle, you'll have a one-of-a-kind treat for both the eyes and the stomach — it's a win-win!



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