A DIY Minimalist Dining Table Is the Stylish Touch Your Home Has Been Missing

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As a minimalist who's focused on meticulous, curated decor, we bet you've thought of everything. Your wall art. Your lighting. Your brilliant storage solutions.

But maybe there's one thing you haven't considered: a DIY minimalist dining table. Sure, you can buy one from West Elm or Article, but making one with your own two hands? That makes it instantly cooler and more heartfelt, two things that tend to be pretty important to those who prefer a less is more approach.

From streamlined silhouettes to unfussy materials like natural wood and concrete, a DIY minimalist dining table will act as a perfect finishing touch in your subtle, yet stylish, space.

1. Hairpin Legs

With industrial, vintage-inspired hairpin legs and a simple wood top, we're thinking you can make this DIY minimalist dining table, crafted by Jennifer of From Jennifer Ann, in a flash. Plus, we think it could also act as a modern desk for your home office, too.

2. Sleek Lines

Minimalist design is all about those little touches that take something from basic to eye-catching without overwhelming your space. This DIY minimalist dining table by Dylan and Molly of Woodbrew definitely fits the bill, with its angular legs and straightforward wood finish.

3. Concrete and Wood

Concrete is the darling among minimal enthusiasts these days. Now, you can weave a bit of the industrial finish into your dining room, constructing a DIY minimalist dining table with wood legs and a concrete top. Jen Woodhouse, we are loving the modern, clean look of this creation.

4. Sawhorse Legs

Even though you're a minimalist, that doesn't mean you don't want to host a dinner party with lots of friends! In this case, we recommend a larger-scale dining table, which Manda of The Merrythought created using a pair of sawhorse-style legs as the base.

5. Plywood

Oftentimes, minimalist spaces don't rely on ornate, busy materials to complete the aesthetics. In fact, you can keep the visuals simple, like this DIY dining table rendered in plywood. The version that Jenny and David of Jenny Mustard crafted looks surprisingly cool.

6. Reclaimed Wood and Metal

Most people don't want to spend an arm and a leg on their furniture. Luckily, this DIY minimalist dining table won't break the bank. Lily Ardor's creation was crafted with reclaimed wood and metal, and the result is a sophisticated table that cost less than $600 to make.

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