This One Tool Will Make Your Wall's Nail Holes Disappear

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One of the most annoying nuisances of home decorating is dealing with unsightly nail holes in your walls. Whether you're a renter eager to get your security deposit back, or you've made some arithmetic missteps when trying to create a gallery wall, having a handy way to overcome nail holes is a must. Sure, there are plenty of hacks for hanging various forms of wall art without using nails in the first place, but certain heavier hangings simply need a nail and accept no substitute.


The days of shying away from nail-needing wall art are behind us, thanks to the TikTok home decor magician @lonefoxhome. In a recent video, Drew reveals how they easily (and cheaply) fill in pesky nail holes using a strategy that is "way easier than spackling and sanding."

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The key tool Drew shows us for this hack is a Fil-Stik. While they say these cost a dollar online, commenters on the post are quick to report that they're actually closer to $7 on Amazon. Still, the Fil-Stik is affordable and composed of a white waxy material that fills in nail holes in a flash. Simply rub the Fil-Stik over the hole in question and it will vanish almost immediately.

"This is incredible and so much better than spackling," responds a fellow TikTok user in the comments. "Probably better than the toothpaste I used in the past," adds another. A few other commenters mention that using a bar of white soap can also do the trick if you want to give that a try.

If the nail holes you're filling are in a white wall, Drew says the Fil-Stik step is all you need. But for those with walls of other colors, Drew shows us how they use paint pens filled with their wall color to paint over the filled-in holes. "And you're good to go! No holes in sight!" Drew concludes triumphantly at the end of the video, presenting an impeccable white wall with no sign of its former holes.


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