10 Colors That Work With Saltillo Tile

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Similar to terra cotta tile, Saltillo tiles are also made from reddish-brown clay; however, the difference is that Saltillo tiles are only made from clay in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The iconic tile has a lot of natural color variation and has been popularized by bohemian and desert-inspired living spaces looking to imbue Southwestern flair. And while it may seem like the rust-colored flooring would pose a challenge when it comes to finalizing a color palette, it actually works quite well with plenty of colors.


"You can go with an analogous color scheme. You pick out a terra cotta color and pair it with rusty reds, some mustard gold colors, and a cream to lighten it up and those work really nicely," says designer Carla Aston.

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Although Saltillo tile is often seen in boho or desert-inspired interiors, it can also work with a variety of other design styles, too. "It has a Spanish feel," Aston says. "It's just easy to live [with] and has a comfortable feel. It tends to look a little Southwestern, but I think that's nice." It really all comes down to personal preference, and how you want your space to feel.


With that being said, we know that there are an unimaginable number of colors to choose from, so to make life easier, we've listed some of our favorites guaranteed to up the ante on your Saltillo-tiled room makeover.

10 Colors That Go With Saltillo Tile

1. Cream

In this dining room by Avenue Design Studio, the hex-shaped terra cotta floor tile is the star of the show. The rest of the space remains fairly neutral with a cream paint color on the walls, pale gray cabinetry, and light wood furniture. A few thoughtful pieces of home decor and a woven light fixture round out the elegant space.


2. Hot Pink

In this cozy space, crisp white walls allow the Mexican tile (installed in a herringbone pattern no less) to really shine. Rustic wood furniture perched on top of a hot pink rug bring additional warmth and texture, while black accents punctuate the dining room and inject a modern edge.



3. Charcoal Gray

The charcoal gray-colored cabinetry in this culinary space by deVOL Kitchens really pulls out the cool undertones of the clay tiles, while simultaneously tempering the warmth of the floor ​and​ the wood countertop. The dark hue also contrasts with the white walls, adding a bit of moodiness to the room. Minimal decor and the lack of any other color keep the setup feeling open and airy.


4. Brown

The dark red shade of the Saltillo tiles used in this kitchen by Amber Interiors feels a little moodier and beautifully complements the dark brown cabinetry and island. (Note: You can get the same stunning workstation from Anthropologie.) The stone walls and wood beams, characteristic of rustic interiors, only add to the pastoral charm of the country kitchen.


5. Yellow

Pull out the golden undertones of your Saltillo tile with the color yellow. You don't need to display much of the sunny hue — just follow the lead of this California home belonging to The ODells. Here, decorative ceramic tile lining the archways is all it takes to complement the flooring and dress up plain white walls.



6. Forest Green

Since red and green are complementary colors, the verdant hue of these cabinets and Saltillo tile make a perfect match. The wood countertops, shelving, and barstools echo the warmth of the kitchen flooring and introduce natural beauty into the space. Lush foliage in terra cotta planters echoes the contrasting scheme.


7. Navy Blue

In this English country cook space, Alison Anderson Interiors pairs muted navy blue kitchen cabinets with Saltillo floor tile and white walls, resulting in a high-contrast scheme that feels inviting instead of stark. The reddish-brown flooring introduces a welcome dose of color and warmth that works well with wood accents such as the window and door trim, dish drying cabinet, and cutting boards.


8. Tan

The bright white walls and cabinets in this kitchen from Intimate Living Interiors get toned down by earthy terra cotta tile. The flooring, along with a tan runner and light wood barstools, warms the space right up. A simple pendant light, ceramic pottery, and open shelving ensure the culinary space feels like a calming breath of fresh air instead of a cold and clinical workstation.



9. White

Against the reddish yellow hues of Saltillo tile, the color white can feel like a safe choice that won't overwhelm your space. However, that doesn't mean your home has to be void of any other color or decoration. When paired with the right accessories, as demonstrated in this living room by Glammed Events, white walls can look positively radiant. Consider incorporating subtle details (like picture frame molding) and neutral-hued furniture and decor — such as the marble coffee table, cream seating, white curtains, and pale blue area rug — to spruce things up.

10. Black

If you really want to amp up the drama in your kitchen, go bold and pair Saltillo tile with black and white cabinets and black appliances. The white subway tile backsplash ensures that the lower half of the room remains the star of the show, while the inky cabinetry allows the terra cotta flooring to really pop. A red runner introduces softness and additional color to the cozy setup.

The Best Colors to Pair With Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile has a reddish-brown hue (oftentimes with a yellow undertone) that can make decorating your space a bit challenging, especially when it comes to adding in other colors. But it's actually not as difficult as homeowners might think. Surprisingly, the rust-colored hue works well with a variety of colors and decor styles. Aside from white and cream tones, you can introduce some serious contrast cool hues like blue or green. Shades such as red and yellow will complement the terra cotta flooring.

Ready to get started? Here's a recap of our favorite colors to pair with Saltillo tile:

  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Charcoal gray
  • Turquoise
  • Charcoal
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Forest green
  • Navy Blue
  • Tan
  • White
  • Black



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