15 Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Go With Gray Flooring

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If you're doing a kitchen remodel or a refresh, having a gray floor presents many great options in terms of your color scheme. First, there are a plethora of different gray flooring shades and materials for homeowners to choose from, including stone materials like slate and limestone, concrete, porcelain and ceramic tile, or even gray-stained hardwood to name a few. And in each of those categories, the colors range from the deepest charcoal to the lightest dove gray.


"A good rule of thumb would be the darker [shade] of gray the floor, the lighter the cabinets should be," says interior designer Tina MartinDelCampo. "Overall, the most important rule to remember for anyone that is remodeling or giving their kitchen a facelift is to not match the floors with the cabinets. This will make your kitchen feel claustrophobic."

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For Chuck Derouen from Cabinet Coatings of America, there is more to gray than meets the eye. "When thinking of the color gray, most people assume it's simply a mixture of black and white. But gray, especially when it comes to floor and paint shades, often has a hint of another color mixed in," he says. So, heads up — there are warm and cool undertones to consider when searching for the perfect cabinet color.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are 15 kitchen cabinet colors that will go great with gray floors.

15 Cabinet Colors That Go With Gray Floors

1. Black

This cool kitchen at La Casa Industrial in Baja mixes matte black cabinets with a light gray concrete floor for an edgy look. We especially love the bold choice of a black stainless steel refrigerator and black countertops. That brick backsplash elevates the industrial feel even more. Concrete floors are a great gray option for modern spaces not only for looks but because they are low maintenance, too.


2. Charcoal Gray

There are so many shades of gray, but selecting a rich shade like charcoal for your kitchen cabinets is an excellent choice, especially when paired with light dove floors as seen in this design by All & Nxthing. The English cottage got a serious glow-up with the help of gray terrazzo and reclaimed parquet counters, not to mention that adding that wash of white over the exposed brick walls ties the old-meets-new look together seamlessly.



3. Greige

Opting for a tonal approach to your floors and cabinets might be a little risky, but the results in this Shaker kitchen design by deVOL make a strong case. Here, the greige cabinets and darker gray floor come together to create a soothing and sophisticated color palette. "Mixing warm and cool grays ​can​ work if that's the look you're going for, but you typically want to go with the same hue of gray to avoid your kitchen looking mismatched," adds Derouen.


4. White

Choosing bright white kitchen cabinets with gray floors always looks beautiful. Rather than a solid color, try a cheery tile design like this classic remodel in Los Angeles by Amy Sklar. The gray grout used with the white herringbone subway backsplash and the gray counters matches the tone used on the floor.


5. Cream

If bright white feels a bit too stark, go with an off-white or cream cabinet color and darker flooring, as shown in this setup spotted on The Tile Shop. Butcher block counters warm things up just enough without taking anything away from the charming Laura Ashley tile design underfoot. Going with a striking floor pattern is a surefire way to freshen up any culinary space.



6. Royal Blue

Blue and gray are a fabulous color combination in the kitchen. But British Standard Cupboards took the idea to the next level with royal blue cabinets and a bold floor pattern made up of dark and light gray.


"If your gray floor is a bold pattern, then you might want to consider adding the juxtaposition of Shaker cabinets to offset the modern vibe of the tile," says MartinDelCampo. "Sometimes, mixing design styles in a kitchen can give it that warmth and depth we all want in our home."

7. Turquoise

If navy isn't quite your thing, lighter shades like turquoise will pair beautifully with a gray floor. The cool color palette used in this Brooklyn kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts shows how important it is to match shades that have similar undertones. But don't be afraid to add a little warmth into the mix with wood accents, such as culinary essentials or even countertops.


8. Forest Green

A dark green color, like the shade spotted in this tiny kitchen remodel by interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, is a match made in design heaven with that gray ceramic floor tile from Fireclay. There is something about the color variation of the tiles that complements the kitchen cabinets so effortlessly. Warm wood countertops and shelving along with brass fixtures complete the picture-perfect scene.



9. Sage Green

This kitchen makeover by TOM is an excellent example of how lovely lighter-colored cabinets look with dark floors. In this case, sage green cabinets and slate flooring form the base of this family cook space. A combination of warm walnut and white countertops, antique lanterns, and brass hardware results in a dreamy space in which we'd love to spend time.

10. Burgundy

Whether deep burgundy or candy apple, red cabinets look amazing with gray flooring, and this dramatic design by Studio Hus proves it. The rich wine-colored cabinetry and cool gray floor tile balance each other beautifully while the eye-catching marble backsplash adds loads of interest and movement.

11. Lilac

The cool tones of lilac look oh-so-pretty paired with light gray floors. In this kitchen by Vantage Living in the U.K., a soft lilac kitchen island is the focal point. Keeping the rest of the space neutral with perhaps a dash of light wood as seen here will allow your pastel cabinet color to be the star of the show, not to mention that it will keep your setup feeling light and airy even if you are working with limited square footage.


12. Peach

While the color peach can sometimes feel a little bit outdated, this country kitchen by Plain English Design is anything but. The rustic space, featuring gray flooring and peach cabinetry, feels modern without taking anything away from the charming pastoral vibe.

13. Walnut

This low-key midcentury modern kitchen by Julliana Camargo feels a touch more rustic with the warm gray stone flooring. Dark wood cabinets like these can often make a space feel less open. However, by offsetting the heavy wood with a lighter shade of gray on the floor, you can really open up the room. Complete the retro setup with an added punch of color in the form of red dining chairs.

14. Light Oak

This fantastic modern farmhouse kitchen by Amber Interiors is all the more stunning with gray limestone floors and light oak cabinets. Gray counters and a matching apron sink reinforce the industrial shade while a mixture of metal finishes — like copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel — adds warmth to the neutral color palette.

15. Teal

As seen in this colorful cook space by Studio Palomino, dark teal cabinets and gray tile flooring make a stunning pair. White walls and countertops keep the bold scheme from feeling too dark and heavy, while a red and pink runner and brass hardware add a hint of warmth and contrast.

Colors That Go With Gray Flooring

If you decide to go with gray flooring in your kitchen or already have gray floors, there are many cabinet color options that will look gorgeous. First, you'll need to determine whether your flooring material is a warm or cool gray. Next, consider the overall feel you desire for your culinary space: light and airy or dark and tonal? And, if you are set on making a bold design statement in your kitchen, matching the tone of the floors with your cabinetry and appliances is a sophisticated and moody look.

Just remember that redoing a kitchen is an expensive endeavor, so choose a color scheme that really connects to your personal style. While current trends are great to explore for inspiration, you want to create a space that you'll be happy with for years to come.

To recap, here's a list of our favorite cabinet colors to pair with gray floors:

  • Black

  • Charcoal gray

  • Greige

  • White

  • Cream

  • Royal blue

  • Turquoise

  • Forest green

  • Sage green

  • Burgundy

  • Lavender

  • Peach

  • Walnut

  • Light oak

  • Teal


Get some paint samples to try out on your cabinets and live with them for a bit before making your final decision. Many brands, like Benjamin Moore, offer small paint cans for purchase — and trust us, it is money well spent.



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