Building & Remodeling

kitchen island with barstools and hardwood floors
living room with cork floors and accent chairs
neutral kitchen with a pendant lamp and wooden island and backsplash
kitchen sink, marble countertop, windows, shelving
wood kitchen with white walls, white cabinetry, plants
kitchen with picture windows, open shelving, wood countertops and a dog
close up of plant in decorative planter
accent wall and brick fireplace with hardwood floors
kitchen with slate blue cabinets and hardwood floors
entryway with cork flooring and accent chairs
kitchen with kitchen island and cork flooring
wood walls and flooring in a simple cabin kitchen
work room with wood floors and overflowing with plants
modern kitchen with barstools and neutral colors
wood flooring living room
living room with dark walls, dark furniture and light floors
living room with light grey walls, light furniture, and dark floors
Utility: 17th Street (Home - California, Modern, Traditional) living room and kitchen
17th Street (Home - California, Modern, Traditional) living room
hardwood floor

Laminate vs. Hardwood

kitchen with dark hardwood floors
living room with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors
cork flooring in living room with accent chairs

Cork vs. Bamboo Flooring

cork floor  kitchen
cork floors
Light blue pillow placed on grey couch in bright living room interior with checkerboard linoleum floor, fresh flowers in vase on cupboard two posters hanging on the wall and gold lamp
Juie Markfield's kitchen
vinyl flooring
vinyl bathroom floor
patterned vinyl flooring
Peel-and-stick vinyl flooring in a kitchen
sheet vinyl flooring
Cozy Home Interior
vinyl tiles
vinyl tiles