20 Unforgettable Home Trends We've Spotted in 2022

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If you're looking for up-to-date 2022 home trends, you've come to the right place. Every three months, we'll be going through the leading trends we've spotted using data pulled from Hunker's website, Instagram, Pinterest, and commerce reports. Together, this information will give you a solid idea of what is trending right now in the home space.


January to March

1. Shades of Green

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On Instagram, out of Hunker's top ten posts, five included shades of green that range from a muted sage and rich forest green to a spring-forward mint hue. While the kitchen is a great place to showcase this color, the home's exterior, front door, and bathroom have proven to be stunning alternatives.

2. Statement Tile

If you're remodeling a room, consider flooring that makes a statement. We're talking black and white marble checkerboard — yes, the checkerboard trend is still alive and well — and diamond shapes that vary in size, spacing, and the type of tile. Even peel-and-stick flooring can truly transform a room.


3. Texture, texture, texture!

If our most popular Instagram Reels have taught us anything, it's that people want to ‌feel‌ something — literally. This involved decor pieces like a raffia mirror, macrame coasters, and even a plaster bowl. One of our top commerce products also featured this trend: Serena & Lily's Portside Dining Chair. If you'd like to take your sense of touch to the next level, you could opt for furniture like a rustic pine bench with a vintage vibe or a bouclé chair that has a knit feel.



Speaking of bouclé, our article on the 12 Best Dupes for CB2's Viral Bouclé Chair was our number-one commerce hit during the first quarter of 2022. Out of all the products listed, readers' favorite has been the Castlery Amber Bouclé Swivel Chair.

4. Bold Kitchen Cabinets


If you're feeling meh about your kitchen, consider upgrading your cabinets' color. Over on Pinterest, we're seeing a love of rich navy cabinetry, the trendy greige hue, and even sexy pantries that spotlight sleek glass doors lined in black trim. In our newsletter and on Flipboard, color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets was a success along with 2022 kitchen design trends (which also attracted users on SmartNews).


5. Curved Furniture and Decor

On Apple News, our newsletter, and Flipboard, our piece on curved IKEA furniture popped. In general, this is a trend we're seeing across the design space, but especially when it comes to seating. In particular, it appears that many are using curved sofas and chairs to section off their living spaces, creating areas that almost feel like conversation pits.



6. Bigger, More Luxurious Spaces

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Following a lot of time spent indoors during the pandemic, many want to invest more into their homes while maximizing the space they have. On Flipboard and Apple News, and in our newsletter, design enthusiasts are searching for ways to make their kitchens look more expensive and hallways appear bigger. On Pinterest, people were likewise exploring ways to make their small bedrooms look larger. In terms of decor, many are seeking out affordable dupes for high-design pieces.


This trend also complements the uptick in regencycore à la ‌Bridgerton‌. Inspired by the early 1800s, regencycore is known for its gold gilded mirrors, lush patterned fabrics, floral porcelain pieces, and an overall sense of decadence. The velvet version of Anthropologie's Katina Chaise (a high-ranking product amongst our readers) fits perfectly within this aesthetic.

7. Multipurpose, Customizable Furniture


Our second most popular commerce article was The 10 Best Small Sectional Sleeper Sofas, while number four on the list ended up being The 9 Best Storage Beds Under $300. This tells us that people want to get the most out of what they're putting in their spaces. On a related note, our readers are also interested in seating that can be configured to fit their personal needs — we're talking Anthropologie's Katina Chaise and Maiden Home's Muir Sectional.



8. Healthy Home Tech

This year, it's all about creating a healthier home with helpful products that do the work for you. For instance, we sold nearly 800 Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers, which moisten the air to help with breathing and sleep. The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum was another item our readers loved — it takes care of cleaning all your floors, so really, what's not to love?

April to June

9. Sun-Filled Spaces

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

As this past winter turned to spring, people unsurprisingly wanted to soak up the sun as much as possible with large, standout windows. Out of our top ten posts on Instagram, two photos depict expansive windows in a sunroom and bathroom, while nine of the photos showcase dreamy natural light.

Along with bringing the outdoors in, others focused on upgrading their exterior spaces. Via Pinterest, Google, and the Hunker newsletter, we saw traction on the article 35 Creative Patio Cover Ideas for Any Budget. Another hit with our newsletter audience was the article 18 Great Patio Layout Ideas for Every Backyard.


10. Green Cabinetry With Pops of Pink

The color green is still going strong, but we're especially noticing the hue making appearances on cabinetry. Three of our high-ranking Instagram posts feature green cabinetry in both the kitchen and bathroom. When finding colors to pair with green, pink appears to be a popular choice — just look at this top Instagram post that displays a plant-filled kitchen sporting several pink cooking tools and appliances.

Over the past three months, the article 15 Colors That Go With Forest Green was a hit with our Google and newsletter viewers. Also on Google, 15 Colors That Go With Forest Green caught readers' attention. Two of our top-tier commerce products were even available in verdant hues: the West Elm Harmony Sectional and Serena and Lily Crosby Teak Chaise. Both remind us of the plush dining room sofa that steals the spotlight in one of our most popular Instagram posts.

11. Board and Batten Walls

Our top pin on Pinterest led to the story 8 Beautiful Board and Batten Walls Seen on Instagram. And speaking of Instagram, one of our top posts features a white board and batten wall, adding to the room's vintage vibes.

12. Furniture and Decor Featuring Woven Natural Materials

Ariane Moore, Hunker's senior design editor, has spotted a trend in the form of home decor made with woven natural materials. From our leading Instagram posts, you can find the style in this bedroom that highlights a stunning rattan bed frame from West Elm. As for this living room, it wouldn't be complete without the wood and rattan woven storage table that makes for a trendy entertainment center. And of course, if you want a moody cottagecore dining room, you need to get your hands on some secondhand wicker storage baskets.

13. Unconventional Marble Surfaces

Marble is a timeless material, but it seems to have especially caught the public's attention these past three months. Moore specifically referenced the marble coffee table and shelving in this living room designed by Noa Santos. Several of our top pins depict the limestone as a backsplash in this kitchen and this one, and you can also see it on this minimalistic kitchen island. People are clearly thinking outside of the marble countertop box.

July to September

14. Bouclé

During the first quarter of 2022, we noticed that textured everything was becoming a standout trend. Within that category, we've seen that bouclé has specifically reigned supreme. Our number-one commerce article from July to September was The 21 Best Dupes for CB2's Viral Bouclé Chair, while Bouclé Is Popping Up Everywhere, But What Is It? was one of our top design articles during that same time period.

15. Plaster Art

"If you've been keeping up with the trends lately, you've probably noticed that texture is all the rage these days, but that's not limited to just furniture and finishes — it applies to artwork as well," Moore explains. "Unlike a flat canvas, the multidimensional approach gives each sculptural piece a sense of depth and movement that seemingly jumps off of the wall. We've spotted the stunning style of art all over our social feeds, from creatives such as Sarah Sherman Samuel, Greyya Jay, and Lana Barkhordarian Burstein, just to name a few, and we couldn't be happier about it."

While not specifically plaster, one of our top Instagram Reels from this quarter of the year also showcased textured wall art made with a papier mâché paste.

16. Statement Stone

"While natural stone is no stranger to architectural finishes that clad the walls and floor, recently we've noticed the material being used more in furniture design," says Moore. "And we're not just talking about a simple tabletop, but rather a statement piece flaunting marble, onyx, or travertine from top to bottom. Panoramma, Burke Decor, RH, The Invisible Collection, and CB2 are just a handful of brands that have jumped on the bandwagon, designing timeless pieces that make quite the impression and leave little else to be desired in terms of decor."

In two of our top pins from July to September — Greige Is the New Beige Kitchen Cabinets Craze and To All the Kitchens I've Known and Saved in 2020 — you can see statement stonework in the form of marble that spreads from kitchen countertops up to backsplashes.

17. Whimsical Decor Pieces

Among our top content this quarter, our piece on the squiggle decor trend stood out, while 11 Whimsigothic Decor Ideas for Your Inner '90s Witch was another favorite. Both articles beautifully represent a shift toward playful and fantastical design choices, which can even be seen in one of our top Instagram feed posts featuring a colorful bathroom scheme. You can also find several examples in our top commerce piece on 14 High-Design Amazon Decor Finds That Only Look Expensive.

When it comes to particular pieces of decor that can lend themselves to whimsy, Moore spotlights stacked pieces that can range from Ameico candles to a Cammie Staros sculpture spotted in an interior designed by Gachot Studios.

October to December

18. Brown

According to our top design stories this past quarter, brown is in. On Apple News, one of our top hits was 13 Colors That Go Beautifully With Gray and Brown, along with 12 Unforgettable Colors That Go With Green and Brown. So, along with neutrals like gray and trendy shades of green, brown is clearly becoming a standout hue.

19. Vintage-Inspired Glass

One of our top commerce products from the past three months was the Better Homes & Gardens Amber Old-Fashioned Glass, proving that people are on the hunt for that vintage glass look. This can also be seen in one of our top Instagram Reels, which featured a tutorial showing how you can upcycle secondhand clear glass candlesticks to create more colorful pieces.

20. Animal Motifs

Over the past few weeks, Moore has noticed an uptick in animal motifs — especially when it comes to wallpaper, rugs, pillows, and throws. She specifically cites bird-adorned wallpapers used by interior designers Zoë Feldman and Claire Driscoll Delmar, along with a Dalmatian wallpaper used by Sarah Sherman Samuel.



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