14 High-Design Amazon Decor Finds That Only Look Expensive

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Years ago, if you wanted to see what was new and great in the world of home design and decor, you had two main channels (pardon the pun) to do so, HGTV and the glossy magazines that were on newsstands everywhere.


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But times have certainly changed. Today, design inspiration comes largely from social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Instead of the glossy pages we once knew, we now turn to an infinite amount of digital pages for the latest and greatest in home decor. And aside from paying a data fee, it's free and on-demand, so great ideas are always at your fingertips, whenever inspiration strikes.


But accessibility is not the only difference. In the HGTV and glossy magazines versus social media showdown, budgets are a real consideration. Not only can the folks behind some of the most popular social media accounts show you how to decorate your space, but they can also show you how to do it without spending a small fortune. TikTokkers, in particular, are great for finding cheap things that only look expensive — aka bougie on a budget.


And not to steal anyone's thunder, but we can do it too. Ahead you'll find a list of some great Amazon decor finds that low cost but high on style.

Throws are an easy way to tszuj your space, and as an added bonus they're great for curling up on the couch whether you're napping or binging the latest Netflix hit.


You may not think of a spice rack as a decor choice, but you'd be surprised at how much your space will feel transformed after organizing your seasonings in uniform glass bottles with labels.


To elevate your space without breaking the bank, try a signature home fragrance. For less than $40, this dupe diffuser will add elegance to your home with only a few drops of an essential oil.


This fig and coconut candle by La Jolie pulls double duty by adding both fragrance and ambiance to your space — and it does it for less than $10, not bad at all.


While a good sheet set can elevate your sleep, a great sheet set can elevate your space too. But who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars for the experience? This microfiber queen sheet set by Mellanni is ultra-soft, ultra-luxe, and comes in under $40, you guessed it, ultra bougie.


Fresh flowers can make a pretty powerful style statement, but they can also pack a powerful punch to your wallet. To get the best of both worlds without spending a small fortune, try these forever roses. A forty-dollar spend gets you beautiful real roses that last a whole year with proper care.

Overhead pendant lights can make a huge impact on a space, but they can often also make a huge dent on your wallet. Luckily, this elegant pick is a great statement that won't bust any budgets and comes in multiple colors to match all aesthetics.

Chic planters filled with fresh (and faux) plants are always a good idea. We love this embossed pick from Stone & Beam since it's also in this season's hottest hue.

Velvet throw pillows are a posh and inexpensive way to jazz up any space. These velvet pillow covers are available in 38 color options, so the possibilities are endless, and at $13, you can outfit every room and still come in well under budget.

The Nordic Knot Pillow is an iconic piece of home design, but if you're hoping to get the look for less, Amazon is the place.

Satin pillowcases are pretty posh, but luxury aside, they're pretty great for your hair and skin — at just $11, that's kind of a steal.

This is one of those home decor items that is perhaps unnecessary, but elevates a room immediately. Just trust us on this one.

This feels like a Jonathan Adler catchall box, without the JA price tag.

Transform your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen with this simple bouquet of faux eucalyptus.