9 Tabletop Lanterns to Light Up Your Outdoor Tablescape

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Aside from great company and delicious food, if there's one thing you need for the ultimate outdoor dinner party, it's ambient lighting. And what better way to get just that than with tabletop lanterns? Tabletop lanterns can give your tablescape that soft, relaxing glow while adding a unique and decorative touch to your outdoor dining experience. Whether you're having a casual meal on the patio or throwing an over-the-top celebration, we rounded up nine of our favorite tabletop lanterns to light up your dinner table, below.


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1. Threshold Resin Outdoor Lantern Natural, $35

Get the boho look with this battery-powered, faux wicker lantern.


2. Thermacell Cambridge Mosquito Repellent Lantern, $24.15

Want to light up your table and keep mosquitos away? The Thermacell lantern is for you.


3. Efavormart Stainless Steel 12.5-inch Lantern, $23.09

This stainless steel lantern can act as a beautiful centerpiece for any outdoor celebration.


4. West Elm Midcentury Wood Lantern, starting at $30

Deck out your outdoor tabletop with these midcentury-inspired wood lanterns.


5. ExcMark Outdoor Solar LED Lantern (Set of 2), $27.99

Light up your dinner with these gorgeous LED lanterns. Not only are they solar powered, but they also illuminate a gorgeous design.


6. Pottery Barn Mason Handcrafted Ceramic Lantern (small), $39.50

Pottery Barn's ceramic lanterns are bestsellers for a reason. These sleek, handcrafted lanterns look stunning with either flameless or real candles.


7. West Elm Terrace Pyramid Lanterns (small), $40

Make a statement with West Elm's pyramid lanterns. They're perfect solo or grouped together with multiple lanterns.


8. GFT Woodcraft Wood Lantern, $25

Simple but effortlessly stylish, these wood lanterns can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

9. Room Essentials Rectangular Pillar Outdoor Lantern, $10

For only $10, you can add pops of color (along with candle scents of your choice) to your outdoor tabletop.