Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupes That Are Almost Too Good to Be True

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Just like a fuzzy blanket, it's impossible not to love a dupe, especially when the budget buy looks pretty much identical to the original. Barefoot Dreams blankets are iconic for their super-soft texture and playful prints, but they're also notorious for being pretty darn pricey. Prepare to have your mind blown by these clones of the classics. This isn't just a list of soft blankets. We spent hours upon hours finding replicas down to the exact texture, colors, and patterns of the most popular Barefoot Dreams models. Oh, and they ring up at jaw-droppingly low prices. Keep scrolling for a goldmine of dreamy dupes.


Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupes

1. Two-Tone Leopard

Neutral yet fun, this leopard print is a favorite among influencers and celebrities alike.

Original:Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket, $180


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Dupe:GY Luxury Fleece Leopard Throw Blanket, $41.90


2. Three-Tone Leopard

This dupe nails the color scheme to a tee.


Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Safari Blanket, $136

Dupe:Repreconf Fluffy Microfiber Leopard Knitted Throw Blanket, $49.99


3. Solid

You can't go wrong with a classic. Choose from a variety of colors.


Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw, $147

Dupe:Jooja Super Soft Knit Throw Blanket, $28.99


4. Ribbed

Here's the classic with a little twist.


Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ribbed Throw Blanket, $147

Dupe:Saranoni Moonbeam Ribbed Bamboni Throw Blanket, $69

5. Camo

The dupe is literally camouflaged as the original.

Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Camo Throw Blanket, $180

Dupe:Member's Mark Camouflage Cozy Knit Throw, $29.98

6. Diamond

This may very well be the snuggliest of them all.

Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Diamond Jacquard Throw, $168

Dupe:Jooja Knit Diamond Throw Blanket, $39.99

7. Zebra

Spot the difference. Impossible.

Original:Barefoot Dreams Tiger Stripe Blanket, $96.97

Dupe:GY Soft Knitted Zebra Blanket, $40.90

8. Plaid

While the plaid pattern is slightly different, the warm color duo and soft texture were too good to pass up.

Original:Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cabin Throw, $180

Dupe:August Grove Holbrooke Throw, $32.99

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