25 Winter Porch Decor Ideas to Make Your Entry More Inviting

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After you've taken down all those outdoor Christmas decorations, your porch might be looking, well, a little sad. Without the shiny ornaments and colored lights, the space in front of your door is now a blank slate again. Although the holidays are over, there's still a beautiful winter season ahead, and that calls for some fresh decorating ideas.


Winter is the perfect time to make your front porch look more inviting for passersby and any guests who stop by your home. You can achieve a cozy look during the cold months by creating a place to sit, complete with glowing lanterns and a throw blanket or two. White twinkle lights are a must, even long after Christmas. And you can always gather foraged pine branches to make your porch decor look more wintry or go the faux route to keep your greens looking vibrant all through winter.

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Here, we share 25 great winter decorating ideas, guaranteed to beautify your entry all season long.

1. Display vintage finds.

To inject your winter front porch with farmhouse style, look no further than flea market treasures. Try an old wooden sled, a well-loved wagon, and a chippy corbel, all displayed here by Sarah Joy. Tucked-in evergreen branches, secured with floral foam, will complete the look.


2. Create a DIY wreath display.

Christmas isn't the only time you can display wreaths during the winter. Beyond the holidays, you can absolutely display a winter wreath. And why stop at one? Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors will show you how to create a wintry display using three wreaths.


3. Wrap up your evergreens.

Even your winter greenery can benefit from blankets this time of year! To make your potted evergreens look even more adorable, use tiny blankets or small scarves and wrap up the bottoms of your winter trees, as Sarah Jane Christy did on her front porch. The tan fabric helps soften the bright white of the planters against the off-white house paint.



4. Include a faux tree.

Sure, Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't repurpose some of your holiday decorations to live a second life throughout the rest of winter. You could, for instance, display a Christmas tree with white lights, something that Clark + Aldine did at their home. Lanterns will add to the winter ambiance of the scene.


5. Keep it simple.

If you go over the top with your decorations during the holiday season, consider your winter porch decor an opportunity to scale things back. Take a page from this Chris Loves Julia design and simply display a couple evergreens in baskets beneath glowing lanterns.


6. Elevate your greenery.

Perhaps your mini evergreens are getting lost on your front porch. In this case, we recommend using wooden crates to elevate them a bit and give them a starring role, something that Lauren Elizabeth of House of Hire did flawlessly on her porch. Try making your own garland to complete the wintry look.



7. Use vintage crocks.

To give your front porch winter wonderland some old-fashioned appeal, consider using vintage crocks for your winter greens. Liz Marie did this on her front porch, completing the view with magical string lights. A snowman would look pretty cute here, too!


8. Create a vignette on a small porch.

Dealing with a teeny-tiny front porch? You can still give it plenty of curb appeal for winter by focusing on the small area next to your front door. Give your outdoor winter decor a makeover with a DIY eucalyptus wreath, greens in diminutive pots, and a vertical log holder that won't take up much room, all things that Brooke of Nesting with Grace included on her petite porch.


9. DIY a winter scene in a canister.

When styling your winter front porch, don't forget that home decor you might normally reserve for indoors can live outdoors, as long as the porch is well-covered. One example is this sweet scene crafted by Sarah of She Holds Dearly. All you need is a clear canister, some faux snow, and mini trees to make it yourself. Or try this tutorial for a modern holiday scene inside an IKEA pendant lamp shade.


10. Don’t forget the pine cones.

Pine cones are a must for a winter front porch! Incorporate them as a pot filler for your greens or wintry branches, a look that Taryn Whiteaker created for her front porch. The cheerful pine cones bring warmth to the bare white tree.

11. Use different pots and baskets.

If you'd prefer a more eclectic, free-spirited appearance for your winter front porch, just display your evergreens in a mix of varied pots and baskets. That's what Caitlin and Manda of The Merrythought did here, combining a metal basket, blush planter, modern black pot, and glass jar.

12. Craft a porch pot.

For a DIY winter project that won't look out of place after the holidays, consider making a winter porch pot. Erin and Kirsten of House of Jade shared a tutorial on their blog for styling porch pots, and the result is greenery that you're sure to love all winter long. We love the combination of lush evergreens and white winterberries.


13. Include some lanterns.

When it comes to winter porch decor, you can't go wrong with lanterns — and the more of them, the better. You'll be grateful for a little extra light on those dark nights! Either use real candles when you're sitting outside on your porch, as Lisa of Farmhouse on Boone did, or use solar or LED lanterns that you can set and forget.

14. Display a vintage sled.

What's more delightful than an old-school sled for your winter porch decor? Well, pretty much nothing! Scour Facebook Marketplace or antique stores to score one of your own, keeping an eye out for original painted details. That's how Jess of Bright Green Door made her front porch look so enchanting.

15. Make a winter swag.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a swag wreath to display on your front porch, the new year is the perfect time to do it! You can use this tutorial from Shauna of Satori Design for Living and showcase your newly made swag on a porch window. An evergreen bough and pinecone on the bench add a charming touch.

16. Layer your doormats.

A doormat is a winter must-have (you don't want to track in all that dirt and melting snow, after all), but what looks better than a single doormat? Layering your doormats, which lends a cozy look to any front porch. We love how Jen of Midwest Life and Style arranged her doormats for her front porch.

17. Showcase a pair of skis.

Since winter is ​the​ season for snow sports, it makes perfect sense to include a pair of old-fashioned skis in your winter porch decor. Find them at a garage sale, which is where Caitlin of The Picket Fence Projects discovered these skis. Cross one over the other, and add a DIY wreath to top them off.

18. Stick to a classic palette.

Typically, a winter color palette is anything but flashy. Green, represented through evergreen branches or boxwood. White. Beige. Aim for this neutral color scheme when styling your front porch for winter, as Maxine of West Coast Gardens did with this porch. The pared-back decor lets the stunning black door shine.

19. Make porch planter boxes.

While window boxes filled with winter greens always look beautiful, we'd like to suggest planter boxes instead for your greenery. You can even DIY them — Liz Marie shares the tutorial on her blog. Just be sure to waterproof your planter boxes so they last for many winters to come.

20. Try a single pop of color.

If neutrals for your winter front porch just aren't doing it for you, consider using a single, small pop of color instead. Heather of Southern State of Mind went simple and elegant by attaching a cornflower blue bow to her winter wreath, and she doesn't need anything more than that.

21. Weave in textile touches.

Since it's cozy season, it's the ideal time to weave some textiles into your front porch decor. By adding a blanket and silky ribbons, Marynn of Wildflower Home made this display with birch logs and winter greens look even better. This look is best suited to sheltered porches where you can keep a blanket clean and dry.

22. Set up a spot to sit.

When coming up with porch decorating ideas for the winter months, you likely didn't think about creating a place to sit. We think you should! It'll be lovely for cozying up with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the snowflakes fall. Kelly of The Tattered Pew created hers with a vintage wood pew, a decorative crate, and lots of greens.

23. Consider copper accents.

Maybe you'd like to include some metallic pops within your neutral front porch decor. Copper is perfect for this, with just the right warm sheen for the winter months. From the lanterns to the grapevine, copper abounds on this winter front porch belonging to Abigail Jackson.

24. Go asymmetrical with the garland.

While winter garlands are a classic touch for any front porch, you can subtly make yours look modern by hanging it asymmetrically. This is how Ashley of Stay Home Style has made her small front porch stand out from the rest. The potted plant and wooden sign complete the outline around her door.

25. Tuck in woodland creatures.

For a sweet accent to add to your outdoor winter decor, consider dropping in a few winter woodland creatures, like a deer, seen on this front porch styled by Bree of Rain and Pine. Other animals you could try? Raccoons, foxes, or bears will also make your house feel like a cozy cottage.



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