9 Black Exterior Door Ideas That'll Really Up Your Home's Curb Appeal

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Selecting a color for the front door often goes a little something like this: You survey the scene, taking note of your home's existing paint color and the material of the door — be it wood, fiberglass, or steel. From there, it's all about picking out a hue that complements the surroundings without looking like too much of an eyesore. But what if you had the opportunity to make a bold splash with just one shade, regardless of any of the other factors? Enter the color black.


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It's about as versatile as it gets and contrary to what it may seem, it can encompass both warm and cool tones. A black door calls for a showstopping effect, an instant dose of character, and, oftentimes, a high-contrast finish that's pretty hard to rival. So, if your space is due for a refresh and you're up for a little something out of the ordinary, allow these black exterior door ideas to serve as the ultimate source of inspiration.


1. Rethink the shape.

Studio McGee never fails to please when it comes to home exterior ideas and this high-contrast scene, complete with copper gutters, is no exception. When designing the custom frame, the creative team decided to go with an arch, instead of the classic rectangular shape, lending the black door an unexpected twist.


2. Keep it sleek.

Black and white are about as iconic a duo as it gets, when it comes down to foolproof color palettes that result in an effortlessly cool vibe. This minimalist entry spotted on CB2 demonstrates the effect that a modern black exterior door can have on a stucco build, giving it a streamlined finish.


3. Add in layers.

Matte black homes with matching doors invite the opportunity to make a statement with the help of color and intensity. Bria Hammel Interiors schools us on the art of doubling down on the dramatic hue by extending it to the window trim, too. The vibrant green lawn and raw wood details frame the home and add a welcome dose of warmth and contrast.


4. Match the shutters.

Achieving a cohesive look is always a good idea when it comes to planning out a home's exterior. This upstate farmhouse by Chango and Co. elevates the bucolic elements of the build with refined, contemporary details, such as black double doors and matching shutters.


5. Frame the door.

Croma Design's black exterior door idea makes use of traditional red brick in a herringbone pattern to frame the entrance of this dreamy Tudor. The warmth of the industrial material softens the bold door color, while providing a subtle hint of contrast.


6. Paint the porch.

To truly emphasize the effect of your black exterior door idea, take things to the next level by painting the front porch in the same hue, just like the creatives from Clark + Aldine did here. Opting for a fiberglass door to withstand the Michigan weather, the duo established a seamless transition from the entry, down to the stairs, and up the neighboring columns.


7. Simplify what you can.

A black door paired with a striking white exterior is about as flawless as it gets and also happens to be one of our favorite combinations. A thoughtful pairing of materials — like the off-white stucco and rustic, matte-black double doors of this home by Walton and Walton — calls for an effortless entry that leaves little else to be desired.

8. Lean towards gray.

Pick the right shade of black, and depending on the light, it can either transform into a dramatic tone or a soothing one that errs a bit on the gray side of the spectrum. Kate Marker Interiors did just that for their Ginko project, harnessing the versatile nature of black paint to give the home's exterior a dynamic element that would play well with the stone facade.

9. Blend the old with the new.

When the time came to update her entry, Liz of Love Grows Wild decided to embrace the existing farmhouse feel, but give it a modern twist. On the list of home exterior ideas, a commanding black door was right at the top, along with striking that delicate balance between classic and timeless. She offset the drama of the color by installing an antique brass door handle and a vertical house number plaque for a cheeky twist.