Home Office Furniture and Decor: Ideas & Inspiration

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Sifting through endless home office ideas can feel a tad bit overwhelming, to say the least. But designing a workspace, whether it's an entire room or just a small office nook, will make you feel more productive and organized. Plus, creating an aesthetically pleasing perch with a good workflow can help you fight burnout and increase creativity. (And if you're willing to share, it can double as a remote learning space for your kids, too.)

Once you nail down the layout, color palette, and aesthetic, you'll need to tackle office furniture and decor. There are a few key pieces and important factors worth considering, and we've broken it all down in this handy little primer to ensure your WFH setup is stylish, comfortable, and functional. Let's get started.


Home Office Furniture

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Unlike a living room that requires a sofa, chairs, side tables, and more, home office design ideas tend to be pretty simple. Basically, all you need is a desk and a good chair to start working, so it makes sense that they are the focal point. Think of the other pieces, such as bookcases and storage cabinets, as bonus additions.


While the dining table makes a good stand-in, it's probably time to invest in an actual home office desk. As you weigh your options, ask yourself if you want a desk with built-in cabinetry or if you would prefer a separate storage solution. Additional factors to consider include budget, style, and size.

  • Styles — Desk space isn't just one size fits all; they actually come in different styles. A minimalist pick, free of ornate details or fussiness, will blend into most spaces and fit just about any ambiance. Or, midcentury desks are ideal if you're going for a modern-meets-vintage vibe.
  • Standing Desks — Standing varieties can help you feel more alert throughout the day and burn off some extra calories to boot. You can even make your own with this clever DIY project.
  • Budget-Friendly Desks — If you're like most of us, and your budget is limited, there are a wide variety of stylish options that will look right at home in your office space.
  • Desks for a Small Home Office — Working with a tiny footprint? Never fear. These small space-friendly desks will fit right in.

Desk Chairs

After you find a desk that suits your interior design style and needs, move on to the office chair. You'll need a seat that feels comfortable to you — you know, something that you'll be able to sit in for long work sessions.

  • Budget — Good news: There are a lot of desk chairs on the market that won't break the bank, like these comfy seats under $200. You can even score one at IKEA or on Amazon to help you stay on budget.
  • Ergonomic — If your job requires you to spend most of the day glued to your computer, you should invest in a chair that is built with comfort in mind. Your back will thank you later!
  • Swivel — Are you constantly in and out of your seat? Or maybe you have a large desk and need to be able to move freely from one side to the next? Then a swivel chair with casters is ideal for you. Plus, a lot of swivel chairs have ergonomic benefits as well, so you can have the best of both worlds.



Whether you're a historian or a teacher or a doctor, it's possible that a large collection of books just comes with the territory of your profession. Or, maybe you're just an avid reader. In any case, you should definitely invest in a bookcase or two. Not only will they keep your precious tomes organized and at your fingertips for quick reference, but they can also be a stylish visual.

Storage / Filing Cabinets

Beyond the desk and chair, we recommend you take a look at adding storage to your space, too. IKEA is a great resource for desks that include drawers, but if you have plenty of room, feel free to go all-out. This can include file cabinets, an entire wall of open shelving, and built-in cabinets.

Maybe you don't need to have a permanent office chock-full of storage space in your home — perhaps your remote setup is a temporary situation, and you'd prefer not to invest in office furniture and custom cabinetry. That's perfectly okay, especially since there are furniture rental companies that you can take advantage of for however long you need.

Home Office Decor

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Desk Decor and Accessories

We know that office spaces are intended for work and hammering out projects, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't mirror your personality. In addition to tackling to-do lists and meeting deadlines, your workspace should also be a place where you can reflect and be creative — both can be accomplished with the help of the right decor. Even in a small space, there are tons of ways that you can introduce stylish visuals.

When it comes to WFH decorating ideas, whether you choose to go with an industrial, boho, rustic, modern, or contemporary home office, you'll need to consider your desk accessories. Think diminutive potted succulents, a pretty pencil holder, decorative paperweight, or stylish office supplies. Only choosing to display a few special pieces that won't disrupt your organization game. In addition, you don't want to forget to weave in home decor around the room, like tchotchkes on bookshelves — remember, it doesn't have to be ​all​ work when it comes to your office makeover.



Furniture in a home office space can be very boxy with hard lines. Soften things up a bit with a rug (or two, for a layered look). Additionally, an area rug is an easy way to add a welcome dose of color, pattern, and texture — it's a win-win-win.


Plants can bring life and good energy into a home office. In fact, a little greenery may help you focus and increase productivity, too. Just be sure to choose varieties that can survive with little to no natural light — if you have small windows (or none at all) — like a ZZ plant, philodendron, snake plant, or African violet if you desire flowers.

Where to Shop for Home Office Furniture and Decor

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Now that we've gone over the basics, it's time for the fun part: shopping. Here are a few of our favorite retailers for office furniture and decor.




Crate & Barrel

The Container Store

Urban Outfitters


World Market