This $10 IKEA Hack Will Turn Your Desk Into a Standing Desk

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How's your work-from-home office setup coming along? Have you found a corner of your home you can actually concentrate in? Figured out a desk situation?


Now, if you're missing your standing desk, chances are you've tried some of the riskier hacks we've seen on Instagram, which include, but are not limited to: a pile of books, UPS boxes, coffee cans, even four precariously placed wine glasses. Here's our advice: Don't do any of that. If you have an IKEA Lack table hanging around, now is the time to repurpose it into a standing desk — by placing it atop a desk or surface — just as this clever Twitter user did:

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If the Lack table is too high and you happen to have a saw, you can easily shave a few inches off the legs. It's one of the easiest hacks and one that won't cost you much if you don't already have a Lack table — you can order one off the IKEA website for only $9.99.



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