12 Rugs That Will Instantly Make Your Home Office Cozier

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As you put together a home office where you can work, daydream, and get creative, you've likely covered all of your bases. You've got your desk, of course, along with a practical bookshelf and lots of decor that represents your personality. But have you considered an area rug for your space? It's a fabulous, and pretty much instantaneous, way to bring color, pattern, and style to your workstation. Which raises the question: How do you go about selecting the right rug for your office?


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First, let's start with the size. For an office, the standby rule of thumb is that an area rug should be one to two feet shorter than the shortest wall. You can also plan to place your desk and chair on top of the rug, leaving enough room for your chair to be pulled out fully. Although we love a big, furry landing pad for any room in the house, when it comes to an office chair with casters, flatweave rugs are a must to accommodate the wheels. There's a bit more freedom with a slide-in chair, but keep in mind that it will slide more easily if you go with a flatweave rug.


In addition to flatweave varieties, you should know that indoor/outdoor rugs are an excellent choice for offices since they're durable and have no pile. A jute rug also works but be sure to choose one with an extra-tight weave, so you don't pull out the fibers. Oriental and Persian rugs are also a good fit — but beware of high-pile rugs. You won't be able to roll or slide your desk chair very easily with those.


Read on for 12 options that would work beautifully in a home office.

1. ​Flatweave:World Menagerie Crook Oriental Bright Red/Beige/Blue Area Rug, $31.99 - $189.99

With their almost non-existent low-pile, you won't be getting your swivel chair stuck in the fibers anytime soon, and foot traffic will be a breeze. This flatweave option from Wayfair fits the low-pile rug bill while also showing off tons of vintage style.


2. ​Midcentury:CB2 Myra Charcoal/White Hand-Knotted Rug, $499 - $1,399

If you're going for a midcentury vibe in your home office, sure, room decor is key, but if you really want to make an impact, select an area rug in a cool, geometric pattern. This CB2 number looks as if it was plucked right from Don Draper's office.


3. ​Jute:Pottery Barn Chunky Wool/Jute Rug, $229 - $1,499

A jute rug is not only timeless — it's a natural, and oftentimes, eco-friendly material to boot. Whether you go with jute or its cousin, sisal, it's a way to add a neutral focal point in your office space. This Pottery Barn rug is ideal for any trend-proof workstation.


4. ​Glam:Unique Loom Marilyn Monroe Deco Glam Geometric Area Rug, $32.49 - $557.99

Maybe you need your home office rugs to have a dose of glam or a nod to the art deco era. In that case, we'll direct you to this beauty from Overstock, complete with metallic detailing and a 1920s-inspired pattern.


5. ​Farmhouse:Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Pattern Stripe Area Rug, $19.99 - $199.99

For a farmhouse office rug, you'll want to focus on light colors, simple patterns, and an aesthetic that harkens back to a bygone era. This beauty from Target has all of those elements, and yet, feels oh-so-current.


6. ​Minimalist:Nordic Knots Plus, $195 - $1,395

For an office design on the minimal side, you'll need a minimalist rug, of course. Look for one that doesn't have a lot of patterning or fussy materials, like this one in wool from Nordic Knots.

7. ​Modern:West Elm Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug, $100 - $900

A modern rug should act as a work of art in any space, and the office is no exception. This West Elm carpet is an abstract masterpiece all on its own.

8. ​Reversible:Linon Verginia Berber Reversible Flatweave Rug, $34.99 - $499.99

A reversible rug is so handy if you want to switch up the look of your space, or if there's wear and tear on one side that you'd rather hide. A perfect example is this plush and classic option from Target. Just remember that it doesn't have backing, so it could benefit from a rug pad.

9. ​Round:Ruggable Absida Teal Rug, $149 - $549

To add a curvaceous touch to a home office, look no further than a round rug. It touches perfectly upon the geometric trend, and it's an effective way to anchor your space. If you'd also like your round rug to be stain resistant with lots of durability, Ruggable is the way to go.

10. ​Sheepskin:Overland 4-Pelt (4' x 6') Premium Australian Sheepskin Area Rug, $379

If you just can't live without a high-pile carpet in your office, look to a small, accent sheepskin rug that you can place next to your desk instead of under your chair. Luxuriously fuzzy and soft, and brimming with Scandinavian hygge, you just can't go wrong with this sheepskin rug from Overland.

11. ​Transitional:Alexander Home Vail Mid-Century Modern Geometric Area Rug, $49.99 - $383.49

If your home office is not quite traditional and not quite modern, you'll need a transitional rug. Keep your eyes open for neutral hues and modern patterns that aren't too flashy, two things showcased by this Overstock carpet that has just enough pile to make it cozy while still allowing a chair to roll back and forth.

12. ​Contemporary:Urban Outfitters Quinton Tufted Rug, $59.00 - $159.00

For contemporary office decor, think artistic, unexpected, and unique — all things you can capture with your area rug. This Urban Outfitters option is completely fresh, something that will immediately liven up your workspace.