Attic Stairs Ideas That Will Put Your Upper Level on a Different Design Plane

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Whether your upper level is a storage spot or an extra bedroom, you want attic stairs to get you up there in style. From pull-down looks to steps that make a serious statement, the variety is endless. But a lot depends on the space you have. You can buy premade stairs or go for a custom look. And whether you prefer built-ins or retractables, you've got options.


So lose the unfinished look. These smart attic stairs ideas will have you making the most of your top floor.

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1. Make it industrial chic.

These stairs that lead to an attic loft designed by Elizabeth Roberts are seriously wow-worthy. We love how the bold wood and metal industrial combo make the stairs the main event. The open design also allows light to flow throughout and create the illusion of compactness.

2. Go with the flow.

If you're thinking of a remodel, Patterson Homes shows how good planning and design can integrate attic steps into the main stairwell for some fabulous flow. We love the simplicity of all white walls, blonde wood, and a statement light that draws the eye up.


3. Rethink retractable.

If you're limited on space or just want to use your attic for smart storage and a small place to hide out, a pull-down ladder like this one can be the perfect solution. Sleek rungs won't be an eyesore, and we especially like the minimalist look.



4. Work with what you have.

If your attic entrance is in your busiest living space, pick stairs that blend into the surroundings but still offer instant access. In this family room from Welch Forsman, the steps blend seamlessly into the background.


5. Think outside the box.

You can lose the ladder, sure, but installing a permanent ladder/stair combo for your attic is where it's at. It'll be a snap to climb up and down and will look super chic in any space.


6. Go ahead and spiral.

Who doesn't love a spiral staircase? You can buy prefabricated attic stairs like these from Mylen to add a little something unexpected. Plus, they work for art deco spaces, industrial ones, and even traditional areas.



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