How to Add the Color Celadon to Your Decor

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We're all here for vibrant green decor and blue statement pieces that can completely change the vibe of a bland room. But sweet celadon colors hold a special place in our hearts. A pale mix of those azure and verdant shades, celadon can work anywhere — a nursery, a kitchen, even a bathroom. It's subtle but not overwhelming, almost a pastel but not quite as minimal.


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And while this trending hue is extremely versatile, it's not always easy to style around celadon decor. We're going to help you completely solve that problem, though, and tell you exactly where to find the accessories to boot. Let's get started.

1. Weave the color in with your window treatments.

Studio McGee nails neutral rooms every time. And this one feels a little coastal with a bit of traditional style mixed in (thanks to the subtle wallpaper and brass floor lamp). But the celadon window treatments give this calm room the perfect punch.


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2. Pick a celadon paint for the kitchen.

Is this the dreamiest kitchen ever or what? The celadon cabinets give the country cook space a bit of vibrancy and charm, and the open shelving (with bits of decor and cooking necessities) creates the perfect visual balance. Paint your cabinetry a similar shade if you want a picturesque prep space.


Get the look: Farrow & Ball Dix Blue

3. Add a nightstand in the light jade hue.

This nightstand is a darker variation of the celadon hue, but it still works. If your bedroom is mostly white, add a table like this one to create a little contrast. And if it's on the smaller side, don't worry. You can mount a lamp to the wall to increase table real estate.


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4. Spring for a vibrant wallpaper.

If your bathroom is boho, you need a patterned celadon wallpaper. This one from Jungalow feels fresh, and it's the perfect amount of busy. Throw in rattan accessories and ample indoor plants to complete the space.


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5. Ground your space with a celadon rug.

Start at the bottom, and ground your room with a celadon rug. It will look especially stunning on dark hardwood planks, but any type of flooring can benefit from the pale color. If you're worried about staining fabric this light, though, spray on a few coats of Scotchguard. And you're set!


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6. Go minimal for major impact.

Whoever advocates against multiple bed pillows is truly missing out on a major decor moment. For example, in this bedroom from Elizabeth Roberts, the celadon and coral cushions completely steal the show. Yes, they're minimal, but the throws add such life into the slightly Scandi space.


Get the look: Mercury Row Breuer Basketweave Throw Pillow, $59

7. Create a focal point.

Can this living room be any more perfect? It's got vintage treasures; it's got lovely coffee table accessories. But most importantly, it's got that stunning celadon bookcase that holds the TV. Whether you have a built-in shelving unit, or you buy one, make sure it's this shade so you can create a focal point in your lounge space.

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