These Classic Hardwood Floor Color Ideas Complement Any Home

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Much like any other decorating decision, when you choose hardwood floors, various factors have to be considered. For instance, the difficulty of maintenance can limit your options, and installation costs and durability might narrow down the selection as well. Fortunately, in the midst of all those stress-inducing considerations there's a bit of fun: picking a hardwood floor color.


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While you're wracking your brain over how to deal with kids and pets potentially scuffing your beautiful planks (and all the mopping and polishing that lies ahead), let's lighten the mood with these hardwood floor color ideas. They illustrate why the responsibility is worth your while.

1. Light-Colored Natural Wood

These light-colored hardwood floors perfectly complement the kitchen cabinets and island. And the Scandi design choices work effortlessly with the white walls to offset the dark backsplash and countertops. If you want your space to feel as open and fresh as this one, go for light planks.

2. Black

Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous and elevating the sophistication level of a room with ease, there's another advantage to installing black hardwood floors: durability. Because it absorbs more sunlight than light planks, dark flooring is less prone to fading. And it tends to maintain its original shade longer. We love the monochromatic palette of this bedroom and how the gray walls, shelves, and bedding accentuate the look.

3. Red-Toned Brown

There's a reason why this red-toned hue is a popular choice among wood floor enthusiasts. As this beautiful living room shows, the color easily pairs with rustic elements like the brick fireplace and the art deco seashell wallpaper. It's incredibly versatile.


4. Gray

Think gray wood floors automatically make a room drab? Think again. This living room capitalizes on the subtlety of the shade and has wood furniture, a massive stone fireplace, and a gray hearth. The midcentury aesthetic and crisp white walls keep the space from looking bland.

5. Deep Brown

This lovely dining room from Chango & Co. serves as a perfect example of how to make dark hardwood floors pop. The light-colored table along with the white ceiling, walls, and accessories provide a nice color contrast, allowing the planks to command attention without completely consuming the space.

6. White

Neutral is the name of the game when it comes to this fresh entryway design by D2 Interieurs. Even the sculpture, the greenery, and the wood door contribute to the overall natural-chic vibe. Sure, white planks aren't the most practical option (they're absolutely guaranteed to show dirt faster than other hardwood floor colors), but the whitewashed look is incredibly stylish and bright.


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