The Right Pillow For Every Type of Sleeper (All Available on Amazon)

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When it comes to Amazon, there's no product so basic that you can't turn your buying journey into a multi-day process of comparison shopping, review-reading, and finally, decision fatigue. Since that level of anxiety and exhaustion is, well, completely contrary to what buying a new pillow should be about (i.e .getting a better night's sleep), we've done away with the guesswork. Here are our favorite pillows you can buy on Amazon, so that a restful evening of better Zzzzs is only a day or two away (provided you have Prime, of course).

Best adjustable pillow: Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Pillows with Adjustable Loft, $33

Memory foam pillows have a lot of benefits, but if you're someone who is used to sleeping on a feather pillow, it can be tough to adjust to a solid block of foam. Sweetnight's pillow takes the transitional awkwardness out of the situation with a shredded memory foam interior, which is left accessible via a zipper so users can remove some filling as needed to achieve the perfect resting head height. Reviewers state that this adjustable benefit makes it easy to find a comfortable position, whether you're prone to side or back sleeping.

Best gusseted pillow: puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Gusseted Pillows, Set of 2, $47

A gusseted pillow design has a few advantages over the classic shape — it can help down and feather fills stay distributed evenly, offer a bit more support at the neck, and may even allow better circulation of air through the pillow (a definite perk when going through that initial "airing out" stage). This pillow is recommended for shoppers looking for medium-firmness, and its cotton cover is double-layered to prevent stray feathers from poking through (a definite benefit for anyone who has ever found themselves on the wrong side of a quill in the middle of the night).


Best for most types of sleepers: Casper Sleep Pillow, $65

If you're overwhelmed by the options, or just aren't sure what type of sleeper you are (anybody else fluctuate between back, side, and stomach? Just us?), this is a crowd-pleaser that might be your best bet. Casper's innovative "pillow-in-a-pillow" design features a removable outer layer that can be laundered, surrounding a "liquid-like" core that blends both support and "sink." Fans appreciate how it helps with proper neck alignment — and if it doesn't fit the bill, it's backed by Casper's signature 100-night guarantee, so it's a no-sweat purchase (and not just because of its cooling cotton cover).

Best down fill pillow: Coyuchi 1015500 Organic Down Pillow, $148

Down purists, we've got you. Coyuchi's pillow is filled with pure duck down sourced from USA-based farms, wrapped up in an organic cotton cover. The result is fluffy and lofty, pure and simple.

Best pillow for skincare obsessives: Nurse Jamie Age Delay Beauty Bear Pillow, $69

Sure, it has a quirky look, but if it can improve your skin while you sleep, we support it. Developed by skincare guru Nurse Jamie, this uniquely shaped pillow features contours and cutouts to minimize your skin's contact with the pillow when sleeping on your side to delay wrinkle development. As a bonus, the silky cover helps smooth hair follicles, too. (Pro-tip: Some back sleepers prefer layering this thin pillow atop a traditional one for more neck support.)


Best ergonomic pillow: EPABO Contour Memory Foam Ergonomic Cervical Pillow, $44

This pillow is seriously firm — but then, that's what you want if you're trying to relieve neck pain and induce proper alignment. Contoured indentations for the head and neck make this pillow suited for both back and side sleepers, offering significant support that won't overly compress throughout the night.

Best ventilated memory foam pillow: Milemont Memory Foam CertiPUR-US Pillow, $32

This memory foam option is perforated to allow better airflow and weight distribution, and to offer the right amount of "give" without sacrificing support. Its unique double-sided design makes temperature regulation easy, as one side features a cooling fabric for hot sleepers (or warm nights), while the other is constructed from a polyester-tencel blend for a slightly warming feel that's welcome in winter. Fans appreciate its firm feel and subtle cooling sensation.


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