11 Colors That Look Lovely With Teal and Gray

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If you want to add refined drama to your living space, you can't go wrong with eye-catching teal. A fusion of blue and green, this tertiary shade on the cool side of the color wheel conveys feelings of tranquility and optimism. It's a surprisingly versatile color that can range from deep to muted, and it looks right at home with both conservative shades like navy blue and playful hues like aqua. However, because it's so saturated, too much of it can be overwhelming. The perfect solution? Pair teal with a neutral like soothing gray.


This inspired color combination can have a range of different effects depending on the way you use it. Add a small pop of color through a throw pillow or go bold with an accent wall or a velvet sofa in a bright shade of teal. With this combo as your base, you can layer on other hues. Try beige or tan for a balanced look, or have fun with bright peach or marigold orange. Your choice will depend on the undertones of each shade, as well as the overall style you're going for.


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Luckily, both colors work with a wide range of other shades. So whether you want to add just a bit of contrast or use all three hues for equal impact, check out these 11 ideas for colors that go with teal and gray.

11 Teal and Gray Color Combinations

1. Teal, Stainless Steel, and White

Pairing crisp white cabinets and walls with stainless steel worktops and appliances ensures a clean, bright finish in this sunny beach bungalow from Louise of Villa Styling. And the space looks anything but sterile with the addition of the bright teal tile backsplash. In all, it's a serene kitchen full of character.


2. Teal, Gray, and Tan

This cheerful, modern space by Chango & Co. combines angular furniture with teal and white striped wallpaper to create a strong, contemporary room design. The tan woven leather loungers add warmth to the cool color palette, while the charcoal gray sofa and rug ground the space. Plus, horizontal stripes are the perfect way to make a room look wider than it is.


3. Teal, Gray, and Yellow

The dark teal painted wall demands attention in this boho-inspired bedroom by Helen of @thenewsaintly. A charcoal gray tufted headboard and black accents continue the moody color scheme, while mustard yellow adds warmth and dimension, closing the distance between the deep hues and the bright white duvet, wall, and ceiling. Plus, the bees on the cushions add a sweet cottagecore touch.



4. Teal, Gray, and Marigold Orange

The handcrafted teal headboard in this room by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! pairs perfectly with the cool gray wall paint. Adding light orange striped bedding brings a warm and playful vibe to the space. And the bedding pairs well with the warm wood on the retro nightstand.


5. Teal, Gray, and Peach

Nurseries are designed to be peaceful, cozy sanctuaries. But that doesn't mean you can't add a stamp of personality, as Tiffany Brooks Interiors illustrates. This retro-inspired space pairs teal walls and gray wooden furnishings with a warm peach nursing chair. It's perfect for adding a warm, cuddly glow, which is echoed in the leather ottoman and orange printed curtains.


6. Teal, Gray, and Brown

The pair of velvety teal sofas are the stand-out in this living room by Jean Stoffer Design. The light gray walls create a high contrast, while brown and gold shades in the hardwood flooring, area rug, and decorative accents add just the right amount of warmth. And when that fireplace roars, it'll be an even more inviting space!



7. Teal, Gray, and Beige

Bold teal might not seem an obvious color choice in a coastal-inspired living room, like this one from Codi Ann Backman. But the blue-green shades fit right into the seaside theme — plus, they create a more playful atmosphere than a traditional navy would. Natural textures are common in coastal decor, and the beige woven area rug, basket, and lounger chairs complement the aqua and teal accents and add a dose of warmth.


8. Teal, Gray, Black, and White

Kara Adam Interiors shows that you don't have to douse a room in teal to make a big impact. The small pops of color in the throw cushions, area rug, and coffee table book are stunning against the gray sofa and walls. Meanwhile, the black and white artwork and ottoman add interesting contrast and a bit of whimsy.


9. Teal, Gray, and Indigo Blue

You can't beat tapestry wall art for adding interest and personality to a space. This retro-inspired living room combines a cool gray sofa with warm wood-paneled walls, then layers on color through an indigo and beige tapestry and throw pillows in complementary colors teal, golden yellow, and brown. A glossy wooden coffee table and brass pendant light add just the right amount of shine.


10. Teal, Taupe Gray, and Forest Green

Forest green is a perfect shade for adding a touch of sophistication and serenity. This living room by Alex Reyto cleverly combines various shades of green, including a teal tub chair, to create a verdant and relaxing atmosphere. Adding the earthy taupe sofa creates an intimate and welcoming vibe.

11. Teal, Gray, Brown, and Sage Green

Rich colors and lush patterns come together in this elegant space by Heidi Caillier Design. Muted teal chairs with floral upholstery contrast just so against the sage green botanical wallpaper and brown plaid carpet. A tight color palette keeps all the elements in perfect harmony.

Colors That Go With Teal and Gray

Contrasting bold, cool teal shades with neutral grays is perfect for generating a sophisticated and soothing ambience. Too much teal can overwhelm a space, but gray provides balance. Adding a third color will take the color combo in a new direction. Choose orange or yellow for warmth, or go for another shade of blue to create a monochromatic effect. Here are some of our favorite colors to pair with teal and gray:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Yellow
  • Marigold orange
  • Peach
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Black
  • White
  • Indigo blue
  • Forest green
  • Sage green



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