New Apartment? Here's How to Create DIY Decor for Every Room

So, you've moved into a new pad. A space to call your own. If you're just starting out, it's possible that you may be lacking in furniture and decor. Or maybe you're ready for a full-on refresh as you start anew. We've got you covered with a variety of DIYs that, really, anyone can do.

Got a radiator in your bathroom? Hide it under a DIY cover, while also creating space to display your pretty things.

If you found an old director's chair at a flea market or thrift store, you can make it look amazing with a faux leather upgrade and place it in your living room area.

You don't have to buy expensive frames, or worry about hanging them with these genius ways to put your favorite photos on display.

Landlord won't let you remove that not-so-pretty wallpaper because it's too much of a big deal? Ask if you can paint over it. If you can, here's how.

How cute would this look on a coffee table or small dining table?

No yard or garden space? No problem. You can still design an indoor windowsill planter that looks lovely.

If you just have a mattress and box spring, here's how to give it some character with a headboard.

Terrazzo side table and chair with green cushion
credit: Hunker

This will look cute as a small-space side table in living room, or maybe to place on a balcony.

If your apartment is short on closet space, adding this copper clothing stand is a smart solution.

The minimalist answer to showing off your fave mags.

Easy-to-make wall art with an earthy vibe.

You've seen this in all the popular boutiques. Now you can make one at a fraction of the cost. Place on a shelf, table, or dresser.

Make a cute doormat to welcome all your pals to your new pad.

Get yourself some wood beads and rings, some twine, and a tree branch, and you're ready to DIY!

We've seen this mirror in many home tours, and then also saw the price tag in many stores. Gulp. So, naturally, we wanted to offer an inexpensive way to make your own. Maybe use this for when you first walk in the door?

The details … the upgrade … this dresser is what DIY bedroom dreams are made of.

Not your average Granny quilt. And, it's a great way to add art anywhere.

Seriously so easy. Maybe place these in your bathroom or in your hallway.

It's a look we just love, and this DIY is totally doable. Pillows can be expensive, right? Not these.

This can go in any bedroom with any size bed. The built-in shelves are a major space saver.

Our audience has gone crazy over this easy DIY. Perfect patio starter couch … if you happen to have a patio.

Open kitchen shelves are a great idea … when done right!

Honestly, this is easy and inexpensive – and such a good way to hold bags, keys, and other items you need handy as you go to and fro.

Easy, natural decor that will stick around for a while.

This look is way more expensive than it actually is. And it goes in literally any room.

Key word here is "removable." So, if you're renting, no worries.

No entryway or extra closet space? Put up a few handsome wall hooks to display your cutest stuff.

We love to find ways to save money on art – and this DIY is a must-do.

We love how this takes up a minimal amount of space and looks so charming.

Our dream trifecta: looks pretty, smells great, and is easy to make.

Shelfies are just a part of life now, so definitely set up this cutie in your living room or bedroom.

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.