18 Character-Enhancing DIYs for Your Patio

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Image Credit: Caitlin McGrath

The reason why so many patios (or outdoor entertaining areas) fall flat? It's because they're not technically necessities, so when it comes to spending money on your home, most of your resources go to the interior. But if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get crafty, some DIY action can turn your patio from boring to beautiful — with minimal expense. Scroll on for 18 outdoor DIYs that cover everything from furniture to lighting to decor to garden ideas.


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1. DIY Modern Garden Bench

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

DO THE DIY: Honestly, with hairpin legs available for as little as $20, you could just start selling these cute little outdoor benches.

2. Modern Birdhouse

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

DO THE DIY: Have some scrap pieces of wood lying around? Cut them down to size to create a sweet, streamlined little birdhouse for your feathered friends.

3. IKEA Cart-->Outdoor Drinks Station

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

DO THE DIY: We love the multipurpose Raskog for so many rooms in our houses. But we never thought to bring it outside to create a swanky bar cart — until now!

4. DIY String Light Poles

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

DO THE DIY: No defined patio area? No problem. All you need to do is create these potted poles to hold up some outdoor string lights. Position in a square, and voila — instant outdoor living room.


5. DIY Rain Gutter Garden

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

DO THE DIY: Get your head in the gutter with these easily mountable flower or veggie beds made out of rain gutters. Genius!

6. DIY Pallet Couch

Image Credit: Caitlin McGrath

DO THE DIY: Patio furniture can cost a pretty penny. If you're looking for a budget option, check out this DIY pallet sofa — you can even make it into a sectional!

7. How to Paint Rattan

Image Credit: Sara Albers

DO THE DIY: Rattan is a favored patio material. One way to make it really unique (or spruce up a piece that could use some love)? Try giving it a good coat of paint. See how here.

8. DIY Vertical Garden With IKEA Bed Slats

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

DO THE DIY: Small outdoor area? Your garden dreams can now be a reality — you just need to think vertically.


9. DIY Industrial-Glam Torch

an industrial diy outdoor torch with a gold metallic finish and a lit flame

DO THE DIY: Be the envy of all your friends who opted for one of the two options for backyard torches at their local supplier. (Yawn.) This easy process will produce a gold, industrial-glam torch to light up the night.

10. DIY Macrame Hammock/Chair

Image Credit: Angie Diersman

DO THE DIY: Create the ultimate lounging spot with this DIY hanging chair, made from macrame you weave yourself. It's easier than you'd think!

11. Patio Herb Garden

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

DO THE DIY: Avoid wasting money on herbs and give your patio some flair with this DIY herb garden that looks just as good as it will taste.

12. Homemade House Number Planter

Image Credit: Sara Albers

DO THE DIY: We love decor that does more. Case in point: This DIY house number sign, which includes a spot for you to display some gorgeous greenery or succulents.


13. IKEA Floor Pad-Turned-Outdoor Coffee Table

Image Credit: Sara Albers

DO THE DIY: Just adding some legs to IKEA's woven banana fiber pad turns it into a durable patio surface. Make two, place at different levels, and marvel at your polished patio.

14. DIY Wood Hammock Stand

Image Credit: Julia Fain

DO THE DIY: Yes, it's easy enough to buy a stand for your hammock. But they can be pricey. Plus, you can paint or stain the wood on this DIY version to match the rest of your space!

15. DIY Outdoor Terrarium

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

DO THE DIY: Looking for the finishing touch to your deck? There's no easier DIY than this cute outdoor terrarium — it will take all of 10 minutes.

16. DIY Bug-Repelling Candle

a diy beeswax candle burning in a glass jar on a saucer

DO THE DIY: Keep your outdoor area bug-free with this handsome candle made from beeswax and citronella, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils.


17. Easy Outdoor Bench

Image Credit: Sarah Hamilton

DO THE DIY: No tools? No problem. All you need are some wood boards (pre-cut) and painted cinderblocks to create this weather-resistant patio piece.

18. IKEA Terrazzo Table Hack

Image Credit: Hunker

DO THE DIY: For the ambitious DIYer looking for a challenge, try turning IKEA's Gladom into a cute terrazzo-topped table.


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