18 Character-Enhancing DIYs for Your Patio

diy pallet couch
credit: Caitlin McGrath

The reason why so many patios (or outdoor entertaining areas) fall flat? It's because they're not technically necessities, so when it comes to spending money on your home, most of your resources go to the interior. But if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get crafty, some DIY action can turn your patio from boring to beautiful — with minimal expense. Scroll on for 18 outdoor DIYs that cover everything from furniture to lighting to decor to garden ideas.

1. DIY Modern Garden Bench

diy hairpin bench
credit: Caroline Burke

2. Modern Birdhouse

diy modern birdhouse
credit: Caroline Burke

3. IKEA Cart-->Outdoor Drinks Station

diy ikea drinks station
credit: Caroline Burke

4. DIY String Light Poles

diy string pole lights
credit: Trisha Sprouse

5. DIY Rain Gutter Garden

diy rain gutter garden
credit: Caroline Burke

6. DIY Pallet Couch

diy pallet couch
credit: Caitlin McGrath

7. How to Paint Rattan

diy painted rattan chair
credit: Sara Albers

8. DIY Vertical Garden With IKEA Bed Slats

diy vertical garden
credit: Caroline Burke

9. DIY Industrial-Glam Torch

diy gold tiki torch
credit: Trisha Sprouse

10. DIY Macrame Hammock/Chair

diy macrame hammock
credit: Angie Diersman

11. Patio Herb Garden

patio herb garden
credit: Trisha Sprouse

12. Homemade House Number Planter

diy house number planter
credit: Sara Albers

13. IKEA Floor Pad-Turned-Outdoor Coffee Table

diy woven coffee table
credit: Sara Albers

14. DIY Wood Hammock Stand

diy hammock stand
credit: Julia Fain

15. DIY Outdoor Terrarium

diy terrariums
credit: Trisha Sprouse

16. DIY Bug-Repelling Candle

diy bug repelling candle
credit: Ana Stanciu

17. Easy Outdoor Bench

diy wood and cinderblock bench
credit: Sarah Hamilton

18. IKEA Terrazzo Table Hack

diy terrazzo table
credit: Hunker

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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