Floating wood nightand with dried grasses next to a neutral colured bed
credit: Caroline Burke

If you're looking to spruce up your bedroom, this stylish nightstand is a great DIY for beginners. We wholeheartedly believe that a good nightstand is a bedroom essential. Where else would we put down our books and cups of tea at night? A hanging nightstand will free up valuable floor space, making it a perfect solution for smaller spaces. Plus, it's also a great way to update your decor on a budget.

You'll only need a few items and an hour or so to recreate this project. Let's get started!

Floating wood nightsand with dried grasses next to a beige bed
credit: Caroline Burke

Things You'll Need

  • Power drill

  • Measuring tape

  • Spirit level

Step 1

We've used a 16 1/2-inch-by-11 1/2-inch section of hardwood for our nightstand, but you can have yours cut to any size that suits. You're going to drill a hole at each of the four corners of the wood, so mark a drill point approximately 1 inch in from each corner.

Piece of natural wood and a tape measure
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 2

You'll need to drill holes that are wider than the thickness of the rope, so make sure the drill bit is wider than the rope you're intending to use.

Power drill and a coil of sisal rope
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 3

Place some scrap wood underneath before drilling.

Power drill next to a piece of wood with a hole drilled through the corner
credit: Caroline Burke

Drill at each corner.

Piece of natural hardwood with a hole drilled through each corner
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 4

Take a tape measure and measure the distance between the two back holes.

Piece of wood with a tape measure extended to mesure the length
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 5

To hang the nightstand (using wall hooks), take the measurement from the previous step and mark two points on the wall that measure the same distance apart. For this project, we've chosen to hang the nightstand from the wall (about 2/3 of the way up from the floor), but you could also hang the nightstand from your ceiling.

Person holding an extended tape measure againist a white wall
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 6

Drill two holes for the hooks at the two points marked. (We're drilling into solid brick so we're using a masonry drill bit and wall plugs.)

Power drill drilling through a white wall with a plant in the background
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 7

Use simple screw hooks to hang the nightstand.

Hand holding a silver screw hook with a second screw hook in the background
credit: Caroline Burke

Place wall plugs into the holes and then twist in your hooks.

Hand twisting a metal silver hook into a hole in a white wall.
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 8

Next, you'll thread the rope through the holes in the wood. How much rope you use will depend on the height of your nightstand. Measure from the wall hooks to the point on the wall where you want the shelf to sit. Take this measurement and double it — this equals the length of rope you'll need for one side.

Cut a second piece of rope measuring the same size so that you have two identical lengths of rope. (This nightstand hangs 3 feet below the hooks, so we cut two pieces of 6-foot-long rope.)

Piece of wood with a grain edge with some rope threaded through with a knot at the end
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 9

Take one section of rope and thread one end through the front corner, and tie underneath with a knot to secure. Take the other end of the rope and thread it through the back corner on the same side, and then tie with a knot to secure.

Repeat this process on the opposite side of the wood with the remaining length of rope to finish.

Piece of wood with some natural coloured rope threaded through the corners.
credit: Caroline Burke

Step 10

Hang the nightstand from the wall hooks by slipping the rope over each hook. Put a spirit level onto the nightstand to check its level. It may need some slight adjustment. To do this, simply untie one of the knots and retie it slightly higher/lower to address any issue with the level.)

A piece of wood hangng from natural rope with a black and yellow spirit level on top
credit: Caroline Burke
Wooden nightstand shelf with a vase of grasses hanging from two wall hooks next to a neutral bed and dark floor.
credit: Caroline Burke

Your nightstand is ready to use!

Wooden shelf suspended from rope with a magazine and grey bowl and beige vase.
credit: Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

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