These 30 Bohemian Living Room Ideas Are a Breath of Fresh Air

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These days, the boho aesthetic is all the rage especially when it comes to home interiors — bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, you name it. One of the reasons that it's so appealing is that there are so many ways to showcase the free-spirited bohemian look. The beloved design style truly embraces the sentiment that "not all wanderers are lost" and pulls together elements like natural wood, macrame, a variety of colors, and different patterns, resulting in a space that looks and feels wonderfully layered. Bohemian interiors are laid-back, warm, and comfortable — making this aesthetic perfect for the living room. "Bohemian is more a feeling or way of life than a style for me," says Meghan Malfatti, interior designer and founder of Malfatti Interiors. "For me, a living room should be exactly that, the place where you just live."


The bohemian aesthetic works well with a variety of colors and other design styles, so you really can't go wrong. However, Megan Unger, owner and creative director of Megan Robertson's Designs, recommends starting with neutrals like creams and whites and then pairing them with chestnut leathers, greens from plants, or terra cotta from flooring or pottery. "You can totally add boho to different styles and it's easy to bring decorative elements to spruce things up and take things away if you tire of it," she says. Robertson suggests adding decorative accents such as houseplants, macramé pillows, a woven rug, or a hanging chair. "So things that are funky and add an element of pizzazz," she says. "I always like when people have something to talk about in a space."

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Looking for some visual inspiration? We've got you covered. Scroll on for stunning examples of boho style in action.

30 Creative Boho Living Room Ideas

1. Add some color.

How awesome is Dabito's New Orleans house? Bohemian style usually relies on muted and neutral tones — and there's nothing wrong with that. But working in unexpected pops of color can make a boho design feel truly unique.


2. Go for an eclectic touch.

Interior designer Astrid Insieme's New Hampshire A-frame cabin might be petite, but it's packed with eclectic, boho decor like fringe-covered pillows, leather poufs, layered rugs, and a myriad of patterns. While the black accents may seem a bit dark for a bohemian space, the white walls and fireplace keep the color scheme feeling balanced.


3. Hang a statement pendant.

This living room, created by vintage textile and accessories shop Reserve Home, makes excellent use of IKEA's boho-perfect Sinnerlig pendant. A neutral yet funky couch with a backdrop of tropical plants creates a serene space to lounge in. The ottoman, throw pillows, rug, and pendant light, of course, bring in plenty of cozy texture. Cat optional.



4. Welcome lots of plants.

Image Credit: Stefan Suchanec for Rory Creative

This living room — sitting in the center of an industrial loft from the 1800s — is a perfect example of how much plants can change the look and feel of your space. Greenery brings the outside in, but it also adds color and texture, and, in the case of this open floor plan, helps to separate the living space from the rest of the apartment.


5. Keep it minimal.

If you're starting with a blank slate, take some hints from this minimalist apartment. Try draping a handwoven blanket over the arm of your couch, add some mismatched pillows, and a plant or two. Bonus points if your sofa is a fun color.


6. Mix in a hint of pink.

Soft neutrals are the perfect base for a bohemian living space, but they don't have to be too earthy. This setup by Vintage Revivals is a reminder that when it comes to boho color palettes, no shade is off limits. If pink is your favorite hue, invite it to the party with a throw, pillows, a rug, or even your sofa. Complete the scene with lustrous brass accents.



7. Embrace a black and white color palette.

As we said, bohemian style can work with just about any color scheme, even black and white — as proven by this living room. Instead of vibrant pops of green or orange, this space is all about texture and contrast. Also, if you're obsessed with the wall decor hanging above the sofa, check out our DIY for a boho fringed mirror.


8. Let the desert inspire you.

This desert-inspired living room brought to you by Sarah and Lou of A House in the Hills shows the importance of drawing inspiration from your surrounding environment. The textured wall art gives the room a more tactile feel, while a long caramel-colored leather couch lengthens the space (more boho for everyone!).


9. Take cues from Scandinavian design.

You don't need a million floor poufs to get on the boho train. Take inspiration from this beach house, which blends Scandinavian and bohemian elements (traditional textiles, plant life, wood accents, and light colors) to create a relaxed and comfy living space.


10. Embrace the art of layering.

Here's another styling by Reserve Home that epitomizes bohemian style: rattan furniture, layered area rugs, and a healthy dose of brown and cream tones. The hanging chair is a nice touch that guests will line up to sit in, allowing them to take in every detail of the room.

11. Stick to a neutral color scheme.

If bright colors make you nervous, or just aren't your cup of tea, follow the lead of this living room design by New Darlings. The space sticks to a theme of neutrals, with the only vibrant pop coming from the lush greenery. Shades of brown, tan, and white keep the space feeling warm and cozy, yet far from boring. Rattan and light wood furniture add a bit of texture while blending seamlessly into the earthy scheme.

12. Deck out a small space.

L.A.-based photographer Katherine Rose has figured out how to rock boho style even in a small space. The cozy living room features a rattan divider that helps define the room and complements the soft leather couch and round wooden coffee table. Green plants, a gallery wall, and a shaggy rug do the rest of the work without cluttering the tiny studio.


13. Balance midcentury with boho.

Who would have thought that midcentury and bohemian styles would look good together? But they do, as witnessed in this perfectly styled apartment. The dark wood cabinet, clear acrylic side chairs, and yellow coffee table nod to the mid-mod aesthetic, while an assortment of plants, woven accents, and a shag rug are signature boho elements.

14. Optimize affordable pieces.

Can you believe that much of what you see in this living room is from IKEA? Australian blogger Connie Cao from Connie and Luna made over much of her space with items from the mass retailer (when we look closely, we can spot them), proving that you don't need to break the bank to pull off the popular aesthetic. Plus, we love that she doesn't take boho ‌too‌ seriously — we're all for cat pillows.

15. Give a nod to Southwestern style.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Southwestern-inspired decor is a close cousin to bohemian style, as evidenced by this cabin. The lofty, light-filled living room feels warm and inviting thanks to an assortment of colorful throw blankets, pillows, an area rug, and caramel-colored leather side chairs. The wood plank ceiling and furniture pieces warm up the crisp white walls.

16. Mix and match patterns.

The remodel of this Venice living room by Amber Interiors channels the laid-back energy of California with the help of fuzzy throws, layered rugs, and a wide assortment of pillows. The mismatched textile patterns add loads of visual interest and character to the space, not to mention texture and coziness. Desert photography, rattan accents, and light wood furniture inject additional warmth and an organic note.

17. Warm up your space with terra cotta paint.

You don't need to go overboard with plants and texture to make a boho space feel complete. Take note of this eye-catching living room styled by Justina Blakeney featuring terra cotta-colored walls that steal the show. The warm paint color is complemented by a few key pieces of decor such as the fringe chandelier, a few plants, throw pillows, and a shaggy rug.

18. Emphasize ceiling beams.

Step into this popular Joshua Tree rental, and you'll find yourself in a desert-chic, bohemian oasis complete with rattan hanging chairs, vintage rugs, and succulents galore. The contrast of the clean white walls with the wood beam ceilings and chestnut leather couch makes the room feel bigger and more open.

19. Consider hanging woven textile art.

Accessories and decor, such as artwork, play an integral role in bohemian style. For instance, in this living room a woven piece of textile art hanging on the wall ties the whole look together. Complete the setup with warm wood finishes and a touch of greenery, of course.

20. Go bold with a black accent wall.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Boho spaces typically feature warm earthy neutrals and sunset-inspired hues, but that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate a bold color such as black. In this boho-chic living space an ebony accent wall provides the perfect backdrop for black and white patterned pillows and a cowhide rug. The minimal sofa — flanked by a rattan side table on one end and a copper perch on the other — and the wood plank ceiling keep the room from feeling cold, while a woven ottoman adds additional texture and softness.

21. Incorporate farmhouse touches.

Boho and farmhouse styles have a lot of characteristics in common — neutral palettes, greenery, and texture, to name a few. This cozy corner by Meghan Malfatti is the perfect blend of the two aesthetics — complete with a rustic barn door, an assortment of throw pillows, and a cactus garden.

22. Invest in a jute rug.

Natural fibers such as seagrass, jute, and sisal are oftentimes found in bohemian interiors. Follow the lead of Meghan Malfatti and anchor your living room with a jute area rug. Throw in a hint of greenery (like that handsome fiddle leaf fig tree) and a couple of accent pillows for additional texture and visual interest.

23. Embrace texture.

You can never have too much texture in a bohemian living room as proven by this setup from Meghan Malfatti. The designer opted to showcase an assortment of nubby pillows, woven blankets with fringe, and layered area rugs. "Everything must be pretty but functional at the same time," Malfatti explains. "I will never use decorative pillows that I can't also use when lounging or napping." And even though all of the cozy pieces of decor are white, the subtle patterns and textural differences set them apart from one another, resulting in a lounge-worthy space that feels cohesive and thoughtful.

24. Display musical instruments.

Don't forget to showcase your personality in your living space. For example, Malfatti chose to hang a guitar on the wall instead of framed art or a mirror. Not only is the musical instrument a personal touch, but it also acts as wall decor and a convenient storage spot.

25. Splurge on vintage rattan pieces.

Bohemian living emphasizes originality and authenticity and with that comes a pull toward vintage decor. The soul and character of a great vintage rug or a midcentury modern club chair will help create a story to build upon. This nook by Malfatti, for example, proves that you can never go wrong with a vintage rattan peacock chair. "Vintage pieces bring in that soul and character to an otherwise modern and cold space," says the designer. "I love a great vintage rug or midcentury modern club chair — anything with a story or a past."

26. Shop around for a colorful sofa.

While incorporating bold colors into your living space might seem a bit risky, it's worth considering. Ron Goh went all in on this lime green, vintage sectional sofa and it paid off big time. Not only does the vibrant hue make a powerful statement, but it also means that you don't have to do much else on the home decor front. Besides a healthy dose of plant life, and a patterned rug, the rest of this space remains relatively simple and neutral.

27. Combine boho style with industrial finishes.

While exposed brick tends to lean industrial, when paired with boho decor ideas, the combination works beautifully. Case in point: This boho-meets-industrial living room, complete with concrete flooring and a cinder block coffee table. Funky artwork, plants, and patterned pillows add loads of personality, while a woven rug, rattan accent chair, and light wood furniture warm the space up.

28. Showcase a bold focal point.

A unique, show-stopping element is just what every boho living room needs to get guests chatting and heads turning, and this blue-tiled fireplace surround topped with a wood mantel does just that. Especially since it's flanked by a pair of wooden chairs, potted plants, and framed prints of greenery.

29. Cozy up a corner with a hammock.

Boho living room or not, you simply can't go wrong with a hammock hanging in the corner. But fair warning: Your houseguests might argue over who gets to lounge in the best seat in the house.

30. Don't forget to deck out your bookcase.

Styling a bookcase can be a daunting task, but when done correctly it can add a little something special to your boho living room. The key is to edit your book collection and weave in some of your favorite pieces of decor. Take notes of this setup and incorporate ceramics, woven catchalls, bowls, candles, and artwork.