15 Bedding Colors That Go Perfectly With Gray Walls

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It's not just the color of your wall that sets the mood of your bedroom. Your bed is the most important part of the space, so the shades you choose for your bedding also make a big impact. As interior designer Fiona Wiseman explains, "The bedding pulls the room scheme together, setting the tone and feel of the room. It can be a place for pops of color and pattern and for layering textures and adding coziness."


Of course, your duvet, sheets, and pillows should complement the overall color scheme of your room. And if you're working with gray walls, you'll have plenty of options. This soothing hue is increasingly popular for bedrooms because it provides balance and calm, and its neutrality means it can go with just about any color.

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Because there are so many shades of gray to choose from, the key, according to Wiseman, is ensuring the walls and bedding are speaking the same language. "Dark gray walls tend to [look best with] darker-toned bedding, with pops of brighter or deeper accent colors creating a moody and dramatic space. Light gray walls conjure images of beds with crisp white sheets and softer accent colors, creating a calm and tranquil bedroom."

Warm grays and shades of greige look harmonious with cream, brown, and green. Grays with cool undertones work perfectly with bright white and black. But there's also plenty of room for experimenting with colors from soft blush and sage to bright turquoise and saturated orange.

Wiseman suggests that gray walls are "the perfect backdrop to allow your bedding to do the talking." Check out these 15 bedroom ideas for inspiration.


15 Bedding Colors for Gray Walls

1. Gray

Dark gray paint provides a dramatic backdrop against which smaller decorative touches can shine — like the framed artwork and striking pendant lights in this room spotted on Alvhem. Opting for plastered walls and lighter bedding in shades of cool gray and greige adds an air of romance and keeps the space from looking gloomy. The overall monochromatic color scheme is modern and chic.


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2. Yellow

Pale gray is a perfect alternative to white walls if you're looking to create a bright, clean, and minimalist vibe. The walls in this bedroom found on Fantastic Frank pair perfectly with the mustard yellow comforter, and the matching artwork makes a bold statement. Charcoal gray bedsheets help to create layers of additional contrast.


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3. Navy Blue

Navy blue and light gray are commonly paired together, but by choosing a darker shade of gray for the walls in this room, Jenna of Jenna Sue Design Co. created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Layers of deep blue and neutral-colored bedding add to the cozy vibe, as does the woven rug. The white ceiling and wardrobe help keep the room feeling bright and airy.


Get the look​: Serena & Lily Montauk Coverlet (Full/Queen), $298

4. White

Want a simple, fool-proof color scheme? Combining gray and white is the way to go. Using this neutral pairing, Studio McGee allows the woven texture of a unique rattan bed frame to take center stage in this bedroom. It's the perfect mix for a serene space.



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5. Blush Pink

Pink doesn't have to be bright or over-the-top girly. The subtle blush tones used for the bedding in this room by Jenna Sue Design Co. pair well with the equally subdued shade of gray on the wall. Along with the sage green bedside table, tan rug, and white headboard, this muted and serene color combo makes for a dreamy, vintage-inspired space.


Get the look​: Spoonflower Fable Floral (Blush) Duvet Cover (Full/Queen), $204

6. Orange

Warm burnt orange perfectly complements cool charcoal gray. Equally saturated shades of both colors create a sumptuous atmosphere in this bedroom designed by Ashe Leandro. If you like to switch up your decor with the seasons, an orange duvet or throw blanket creates instant fall vibes. When winter rolls around, swap it out for a deep blue or fluffy white alternative as a nod to the chilly weather.


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7. Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black

Multicolored, patterned bedding is perfect for making a statement — and for setting a color scheme you can pull from as you select accent pieces for the room. Take care to pick a design that works harmoniously with the specific shade of your gray walls. The blue undertones in the paint chosen for this room blends well with the light blue elements in the duvet. Black and white pillows help tie in the black headboard.


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8. Black

Does gray and black sound gloomy and overbearing? This room proves that it doesn't have to be. The combination of light gray walls with a black canopy bed frame and comforter results in an elegant simplicity, perfect for a tranquil, minimalist bedroom.

Get the look​: Bed Threads Charcoal French Flax Linen Bedding Set (Full), $300

9. Cream

Gray and cream are a surefire combo, either all by themselves or as a neutral foundation on which you can play with bolder colors. In this bedroom designed by Caitlin Moran Interiors, light gray creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for slumber, while black and white wall art serves as a focal point. White and light pink pillows add subtle contrast against the cream headboard and striped duvet.


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10. Brown

Like other warm neutral colors, brown looks beautifully balanced with gray. That's why this bedroom works so well. The earthy hues of the bedding perfectly complements the natural wood headboard, creating a sleek yet cozy modern farmhouse vibe.

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11. Terra Cotta

Trendy terra cotta makes an impact in this bedroom by Cassie Bustamante. The bedding colors perfectly echo the geometric statement wall, creating a pleasing sense of cohesion. While the color palette here is simple, clean lines and bold black and white prints make the space look fresh and modern.

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12. Oatmeal

The neutral color palette in this room by design studio White Arrow creates a feeling of timeless elegance. There's an earthy, grounding aspect to the oatmeal-colored sheets that works well with the darker gray walls and greige bed cover. It makes this intimate boudoir feel cozy but not gloomy.

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13. Light Blue

In this attic bedroom by Hanna Östberg, a dark gray accent wall adds richness to the color palette without compromising its light, airy vibe. Blue bedding creates a lovely contrast, while the earthy tones of the rug, bedspread, and curtains add plenty of warmth.

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14. Royal Blue

Make a statement by choosing a duvet in a boldly saturated hue like royal blue or teal. Deep blue shades like these are sure to bring balance and tranquillity, especially when you mix them with calming, cool grays — perfect for lulling you off to sleep.

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15. Coral and Burgundy

Muted reds like deep coral and burgundy look elegant alongside gray walls, particularly those with purple undertones like the one in this bedroom seen on Alvhem. By choosing a subdued red over a bright, primary shade, you'll achieve a more soothing vibe that's conducive to winding down at night. A purple throw blanket and pillow, along with white trim and bedding, round out the color palette, while a brass mirror and wall sconces and a beige knot pillow provide the finishing touches.

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Bedding Colors That Go With Gray Walls

Gray bedroom walls are so versatile, you can pair them with just about any color you like. Just keep in mind the undertones the shade of gray you've chosen, the other decorative accents in your room, and the mood you want to create. Opt for bold bedding when you want a pop of color. To add brightness to a room with dark gray walls, go for lighter-hued bedding. And if minimalism is your style, you can create a striking look with a monochrome palette.

Here's a recap of some of the best bedding colors for gray walls:

  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Navy blue
  • White
  • Blush pink
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Terra cotta
  • Oatmeal
  • Light blue
  • Royal blue
  • Coral
  • Burgundy



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