20 Curtain Colors to Pair With Blue Walls

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From light blue to navy, there is a myriad of blue shades to choose from, but these classic color choices can be a bit of a challenge to decorate around — specifically when it comes to the curtains. While you want them to block out natural light and add a bit of privacy, the floor-to-ceiling swaths of fabric can quickly clash with the rest of your room design if the wrong color is chosen.


"It can be hard to bring other colors into [a] room without competing with the walls," says Malka Helft, founder of Think Chic Interiors. "I think the challenge is: What other colors can you bring into the room and not be too matchy-matchy?"

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It's a good idea to consider the undertones of the shades of blue that you're working with. For example, with a grayish-blue hue, you'll want to enhance the gray undertones. Jewel tones, such as emerald green and burgundy, can also pull out some underlying tints, according to Jade Joyner, co-founder of Metal and Petal.


But if you're stumped and could use a little inspiration, we've tapped a handful of designers to determine which colors will go best with blue walls.

Curtain Styles to Consider for Blue Walls

Before you select a color for your window treatments, you need to decide what curtain style you want. There are single panel options that you pull across the entire window, or you can opt for a double panel design, where the panels meet in the middle.


Do you need to block out direct sunlight during the day? If so, heavier blackout curtains are the way to go, but if you still want to enjoy a little light, you can opt for a semi-opaque option. Sheer curtains allow light into your space while offering some privacy.

To mix things up a bit, you can also consider cafe curtains — which typically only cover the bottom half of a window. Double layered sheer curtains will give you the look and feel of a sheer curtain while adding an additional layer of privacy.


20 Curtain Colors That Go With Blue Walls

1. Gray

You can't go wrong pairing a darker hue with lighter curtains. Take this bedroom from Eggshell Home showcasing a deep, navy blue accent wall that is softened by light gray curtains. Pairing gray with a darker hue is an effortlessly chic design idea for any coastal-inspired space.



2. Cream

Nothing softens up a blue room quite like a pair of cream curtains, which are a little less stark than pure white (more on that later). This nursery from The House That Lars Built pairs the neutral-colored window treatments with a sweet wall mural. And bonus: The off-white drapery will work with any color if you (or your child) are ready for a change down the road.


3. White

Follow the lead of this living room photographed by Ashlee Raubach and opt for both curtains and shades. The white drapery panels balance the bolder colors and lighten up the overall scheme, while the natural linen shades add a dash of warmth.


4. Tan

Simple tan, double panel curtains will blend in with any dark blue space, as proven by this living room. It's a playful way to soften a dramatic color scheme, allowing other hues to come into play — like the gray couch and pink striped pillows spotted in this setup.



5. Burgundy

If you really want your room to pop, try pairing blue walls with a bold curtain color. The burgundy floor-length curtains in this living space, captured by Brittany Ambridge, add an air of sophistication — especially when paired with vintage pieces of decor. The wine-colored drapery effortlessly ties in the art, pillows, and blankets, which are flaunting similar shades of red.


6. Olive Green

In this dining room by Zoë Feldman Design, olive green velvet curtains really amp up the drama. Not to mention, the reflective quality of the fabric plays beautifully with the brass accents featured throughout the space. The lustrous metal finish and dark wood features add the perfect dose of warmth to balance the light blue wall color.


7. Yellow

There's something so fun and energizing about the color yellow. Take this kids' room by The Handmade Home, which opted for white and yellow curtains so as to not overwhelm the light blue space. The floral damask design adds visual interest and classic flair without feeling too grown up.


8. Black

Don't be afraid to go dark with the color of your drapes. For example, in this bedroom by Becky Shea, black curtains and deep blue walls result in a sleek and moody design. The headboard and bedding lighten things up a notch, while a leather accent pillow and wood wall sconces add a hint of warmth.

9. Aqua

Attention color-loving maximalists, let us welcome you into this living room showcased on Front + Main by West Elm. The navy blue walls and pink ceiling are definitely the stars of the show, but the aqua curtains add a light and playful finishing touch. Loads of natural light pouring in from the windows combined with a white area rug and fireplace surround keep the bold scheme from feeling too dark and heavy.

10. Light Blue

A light blue accent wall paired with light blue curtains looks sweet as can be in this nursery by Chango & Co. While the rest of the walls, furniture, and floor stay neutral, the bedding also flaunts a pastel shade of blue. Decorative accents add playful pops of color that punctuate the serene space. When done right, the blue-on-blue pairing can feel sophisticated instead of matchy-matchy.


11. Light Pink

If you want something a little different that speaks to your personality, then blush pink curtains might be worth considering in your space. Even though navy blue, gray, and blush all make an appearance in this dreamy bedroom, the muted tones all work together and keep the color scheme from feeling overbearing. A sizable window paired with the walls, trim, and ceiling painted in a crisp shade of white keeps the space feeling light and airy.

12. Beige

This bedroom design from Chris Loves Julia feels oh-so-romantic thanks to the soothing blue-gray and beige palette. A neutral color base allows you to be a bit bolder with smaller pieces of home decor as seen here with pops of navy, burgundy, and black. The velvet curtain panels and similar colored bedding add just enough warmth without taking anything away from the cool and calming aesthetic.

13. Red and White

Red, white, and blue can be tricky to work with, as you don't want the room to feel like a patriotic tribute. However, this striking setup spotted on The Apartment proves that it can be done. Here, the red and white striped curtains balance the navy blue wall color, while the woven tapestry effortlessly brings it all together.

14. Greige

In this elegant dining room by Heidi Caillier, blue walls — flaunting a painted mural — and greige floor-to-ceiling curtain panels are a match made in design heaven. The semi-opaque, grayish-beige drapes add some warmth while simultaneously complementing the cool wall color. The sculptural chandelier, warm wood finishes, and reddish-brown rug complete the extra cozy scene.

15. Chartreuse

If you really want to spice up your color palette, follow the lead of A Glass of Bovino and pair your blue room with chartreuse curtains. While the yellow-green hue might not be the first color that comes to mind, there's no denying how beautiful it looks next to the cornflower blue walls in this setup. The velvet drapes have a lustrous sheen that fits right in, complementing the warm touches — such as brass accents and rich wood furniture pieces — that balance the cool scheme.

16. Teal

Speaking of cool colors, we love the blue-gray and teal combo showcased in this charming space by Jean Stoffer Design. The luxurious velvet curtains frame the window beautifully, and the white trim and matching desk keep the cozy nook from feeling dark or closed in. The chair upholstery and adjacent rug subtly tie the look together.

17. Gold

There's something about a room with dark blue walls that feels luxurious, and this setup belonging to Conor McFarland is no exception. But the addition of gold curtains and decor really takes it up a notch. Not to mention, it adds loads of warmth in the process.

18. Coral

Blue rooms create the perfect opportunity to experiment with color. For example, in this eclectic room designed by Kate Schintzius, coral curtains energize the sapphire walls, resulting in a bold scheme that feels balanced and fun. But don't stop there. Using pieces of decor — such as the rug, accent chair, flowers, and artwork — add even more color and pattern to the mix.

19. Navy Blue

With lighter blue walls, you can bring in some depth with a darker shade of blue for the curtains. Take this gray-blue room from Imperfect Interiors, which uses navy drapes to frame the window and stand out from the rest of the room. Ochre-colored bedding adds a dash of warmth, while an accent wall showcasing patterned wallpaper provides a playful backdrop to the moody scheme.

20. Burnt Orange

If you're unsure about how to complement a blue room, may we suggest the color burnt orange? We love the contrasting color combination used in this Milan hotel room designed by DWA and Patricia Urquiola. The floor-to-ceiling orange curtains inject a welcome dose of warmth into this setup flaunting light blue walls, flooring, and lighting. Additional pops of orange strengthen the scheme.

Curtain Colors That Go With Blue Walls

When you're trying to decide on a curtain color for a blue room, there are a few things that you need to consider before making your final selection. First, what mood do you want to create in your space? Light and airy or dark and moody? Playful and energetic or quiet and calm? Next, it's important to think about the undertones of your paint color as well as any other colors that are already present in the room. You should also factor in the amount of available light (both natural and artificial) as well as the size of your space.

If you need help narrowing down your choices, here is a recap of the best color curtains to pair with blue walls:

  • Gray
  • Cream
  • White
  • Tan
  • Burgundy
  • Olive green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Light blue
  • Light pink
  • Beige
  • Red and white
  • Greige
  • Chartreuse
  • Teal
  • Gold
  • Coral
  • Navy blue
  • Burnt orange