These Kitchen Hacks Make Having a Small Stove No Big Deal

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Live in a home or an apartment with a small stove? This can present some challenges when cooking your favorite meals or multitasking during a holiday dinner. But fear not, stove size doesn't have to stop you from creating delicious food in your kitchen. From reworking some recipes to getting super smart about using small appliances, we've got some hacks that will make having a mini range no big deal at all.


1. Scale down your pizza stone.

If you enjoy making flatbread or pizza using a pizza stone, find smaller ones to fit your smaller stove. It's the perfect excuse to create some sumptuous single-serve creations.

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2. Use a toaster to tag team.

Heat up or cook side dishes while you're busy on your main stove by getting a toaster oven for support. There are plenty of models to choose from that can do some seriously heavy lifting for a light investment.


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3. Try a stovetop oven.

Take it from campers, being resourceful with small stoves is all about working with what you have. For a smart way to get more bang from your petite appliance, pick up a stovetop oven like this one for small scale baking.


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4. Revise your recipe size.

If a recipe calls for a 9x13 baking dish, consider splitting the ingredients in half and putting them in two smaller dishes on two racks in your oven. When it comes to home-cooked meals there's always a way to rework things without giving up flavor.



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5. Buy a backup convection oven.

When you're a serious cook with a small stove, buy a countertop oven. While this Wolf version is pricey, it can do some serious roasting, baking, and broiling as good or better than a traditional stove. Plus, you can take it with you easily when you move.


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6. Add an electric burner.

When your stove size limits cooktop space, pick up an electric burner like this one. It will keep things simmering while you use your range for the rest of meal prep.


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7. Save your stovetop with a slow cooker.

Every cook, whether they have a big or small stove, should keep a slow cooker on hand. From soups and chili to casseroles and roasts, a slow cooker can create a broad range of recipes and is a great supplement in any kitchen.



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8. Find yourself a griddle.

Small stoves mean small cooktop areas. So expand your space with an electric griddle. From grilled cheese to pancakes, this griddle can make it all. Plus, it comes with a warming drawer to keep your household well fed during Sunday brunch and beyond.


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9. Check your temp twice.

Smaller stoves tend to heat up faster, or just differently, so pick up a cooking thermometer to check the temp against what your oven says. This simple purchase will save you hours of frustration and keep your cooking accurate.


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10. Get creative with a tabletop grill.

Everyone loves to barbecue outside during warmer months, but there's no rule that says you can't do the same inside with an electric grill like this one. Shake up your meals with a space-saving appliance that doesn't skimp on flavor.


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11. Invest in an electric kettle.

Not only does it keep things flexible when your burners are busy, but an electric kettle is also a time saver. Try a stylish one for your coffee or tea making, and you'll want to keep it out on your counter for decor, too.

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