7 Great Ceramic Griddles (So You Can Say Goodbye to Teflon Forever)

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A griddle is a griddle is a griddle, right? Well, not exactly. Griddles can be made of various heat-conducting materials, including the ever-popular cast iron. They can come as petite, single-burner surfaces with a handle or a thick slab that covers the length of the stove. Some are even electric. Ceramic griddles, in particular, are popular because they are both nonstick and chemical-free (think: no Teflon) and easy to clean (think: less scrubbing).


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How's that possible? Well, the nonstick coating on a ceramic griddle is made of clay hardened by fire, and it's super durable. Here are seven that are worth a prime spot in your kitchen cupboard.

1. Presto Ceramic 22-inch Electric Griddle, $39.90

As one reviewer explained, they "switched to ceramic pans several years ago [because] they are simply better than anything else out there. Way better than stainless or Teflon." Presto's extra large, yet affordable, electric griddle is made of heavy-cast aluminum with a ceramic coating which makes it incredibly easy to clean. Take the temperature controls off and the surface is fully immersible in water.


2. Ecolution Bliss 11-inch Ceramic Nonstick Griddle, $41.78

The stainless steel base on this petite single-burner griddle means it works beautifully with an induction cooktop — which, keep in mind, not all griddles do. And although it's more or less the size of a skillet, the square shape creates much more surface area than you'd expect. Plus, it's red!


3. Hamilton Beach Reversible 200 sq. in. Black Durathon Ceramic Griddle, $44.99

This extremely popular tabletop ceramic griddle is dishwasher-safe. But what makes it stand out is the copper color (with a ceramic coating) and the size. There are 200 square inches of cooking space — and yes, that fits an entire package of bacon.


4. GreenPan Madison 11-inch Ceramic Non-Stick Griddle, $60.99

Like the Ecolution Bliss Griddle, the popular GreenPan nonstick option is small and square-shaped, perfect for a small kitchen that's short on storage. But the selling point here is the ceramic coating that's completely free of toxins. There are no PFAS, no PFOAs, no lead, and no cadmium. Unlike the Ecolution, however, this one is not suitable for induction cooktops.


5. Cuisinart® Goodful Wood and White Electric Griddle, $79.95

This is one griddle that we wouldn't mind having out on the countertop at all times — it's that pretty. The bamboo base and white ceramic plate will fit in with even the most minimalist kitchen. Plus, it's not just a griddle. The ridged side functions like a grill. Two-in-one.


6. Gotham Steel 1965 Indoor Smokeless Grill, $79.95

Another two-in-one deal, this Gotham Steel product is billed as a grill but comes with a griddle as well, and both are made of ceramic-coated titanium. It's the perfect small kitchen appliance for the height of summer or dead of winter — whenever the weather makes outdoor grilling unrealistic.


7. Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle, $125.98

People love this high-end ceramic griddle from the Japanese brand Zojirushi. The 19-inch by 12.5-inch cooking surface is big enough for just about any meal — and, unlike most other ceramic griddles, it comes with a lid to minimize splatter. For the price, you might expect something more stylish to match, say, your fancy ceramic cookware sets. But trust us: This is tabletop cooking at its best.