These 14 Arts and Crafts Bathroom Ideas Are Vintage Perfection

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Want to bring a soothing, back-to-basics flair to your personal quarters? You may want to opt for an arts and crafts bathroom design. Though the aesthetic is certainly making a comeback — thanks to a growing interest in both natural materials and traditional design — the definition of arts and crafts is often left up to interpretation. Unlike craftsmen decor, which is typically characterized by exposed wooden beams and ample sunlight, arts and crafts is more of a feeling. (A vibe, if you will.)


"In my mind, arts and crafts design celebrates the simplicity of good craftsmanship, quality materials, and the beauty of our natural surroundings," explains Leah Harmatz, designer at San Francisco-based firm Field Theory.

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While there isn't an official right or wrong way to embrace arts and crafts style, there are common characteristics that can pull the whole look together. "Choose natural materials such as wood or stone for the walls and floors to bring an organic feel to the room," says Grace Baena, interior designer at Kaiyo. "Use subtle prints with muted colors on fabrics such as curtains or towels to bring a sense of coziness." Meanwhile, simple accessories — like the wood-encased mirrors and white ceramic sinks in the space pictured above by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design — will allow natural materials to shine.

The arts and crafts movement might be based in natural materials, handmade elements, and simple silhouettes, but, since it's a design philosophy, you can really incorporate it into your bathroom however you please. (It's that enduring versatility that makes it a popular choice for Victorian homes and contemporary spaces alike.) So, where to begin? To help spark inspiration, we're breaking down the 14 bathroom ideas that excel in arts and crafts style, plus how to get the look in your own space.


14 Arts and Crafts Bathroom Ideas

1. Opt for brass hardware.

Nina Farmer Interiors adds a hint of luxury and glam to this arts and crafts bathroom with brass hardware that acts as the jewelry of the space. If you're doing a makeover of your bathroom hardware, keep thing consistent by sticking with one finish for your cabinetry, shower, and sink faucet. To bring the look into your personal sanctuary, add depth and contrast with a dark painted vanity cabinet, colored subway tile, and marble countertops.



Get the look: Kohler Brass Devonshire Widespread Bathroom Faucet, $438.79

2. Juxtapose modern amenities with traditional beadboard.

The painted beadboard in this arts and crafts bathroom designed by 2LG Studio perfectly tempers the modern freestanding tub, allowing the space to feel true to its traditional roots without feeling dated. Pro tip: Paint your beadboard in a contrasting color to further emphasize the architectural detail. The medium blue used here makes a statement while leaning into the bathroom's unapologetically chill vibes.


Get the look: Clare Good Jeans

3. Make wood tones a main feature.

Wood trim and built-ins are a common feature of many arts and crafts-style homes, which makes this striking bathroom vanity in Jessica Helgerson's NW Johnston Street project feel all the more appropriate. The masculine natural finish paired with feminine lines and brass hardware offers an ideal balance. Opt for a console sink with exposed plumbing to maintain an airy look in a small space.


Get the look: Birch Lane Ursa 36" Single Bathroom Vanity Set, $1,100


4. Use vintage-inspired lighting.

Lighting can make or break a space's glow, and so can the fixtures themselves. Robert and Christina from New Darlings breathed new life into this 1930s bathroom without losing one ounce of charm. While many factors were involved in this transformation, we're partial to the vintage-inspired double sconce. The timeless pedestal sink, wainscoting, and mosaic tile floor don't hurt, either.


Get the look: Schoolhouse Irvine Double Sconce, $379

5. Give a nod to tradition with vintage tile.

This arts and crafts bathroom designed by Tracey Stephens stays true to classic craftsman style with a wood vanity and vintage hex tile. To seamlessly tie in the colorful mosaic pattern, take a page from her book and match the paint for your wall trim to a color from your flooring. Keep the walls neutral for a grounded look.


Get the look: WS Tile Porcelain Honeycomb Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile, $6.69 per square foot

6. Add a nature-packed wallpaper repeat.

Since Mother Nature is a major source of inspiration for the arts and crafts movement, why not select a wallpaper that celebrates the great outdoors? That exactly what Harmatz of Field Theory Design did in this small bathroom, which she says has roots in the arts and crafts movement.



"The Mulberry Home flying ducks wallpaper references the area's natural beauty, and I wanted it to be a little hidden moment of joy for guests to discover," she says. "We painted the board and batten to pick up on the wallpaper's warm, rich, and muted tones." Earth-toned tiles and a simple pedestal sink rounded out the look in style.

Get the look: Mulberry Home 'Flying Ducks' Wallpaper, $105


7. Paint the trim a bright hue.

Just because your bathroom is going for that arts and crafts style doesn't mean you can't embrace a bit of your bold side. Here, Kentucky-based designer Isabel Ladd offers the best of both worlds by painting the trim a bright teal, a move she says makes the space "extra special." In Ladd's words, "Leaving [the trims] white would be expected and boring." To respect the architecture, she transformed an antique console into a vanity and used a freestanding iron tub.

Get the look: Benjamin Moore Largo Teal

8. Make it monochrome.

If a pop of color feels too intense for your bath remodel, why not make it monochrome? Dousing everything in the same color family dials down the drama, bridging the gap between subtle and statement. In this space, designer Brandon Schubert offset a whimsical William Morris wallpaper repeat with a combo of green tiles and woodwork painted in Farrow & Ball's Calke Green.


"I think small spaces like this are the perfect places to use an enveloping wallpaper, and it especially helps in this case to break up what could have been an awkward geometry between the wall panelling, tiles, window, and sloping ceiling," Schubert says.

Get the look: William Morris Willow Bough Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper (2' x 12'), $119

9. Opt for a simple sink.

When it comes to arts and crafts design, simplicity is the name of the game, so it's a good idea to take a pared-back approach to your bathroom fittings. Though antique wooden vanities provide ample style, a minimalist console or pedestal sink can get the job done ‌and‌ uphold the design philosophy. Take a cue from Jersey Ice Cream Co., which paired this simple console style with inky blue walls and a brass mirror.

Get the look: Embassy 30 in. Brass Wash Stand, $1,274

10. Style with shiplap.

Wainscoting and beadboards might be status quo in an arts and crafts bathroom design, but if you're looking for an unexpected edge, shiplap is your best bet. The panels have that simple-yet-stylish attitude that single-handedly defines the movement.

"What gives this space an arts and crafts feel is its lack of decoration and use of simple, honest materials like wood paneling and stone," Texas-based designer Blair Burton explains. "The material, fixture and finish choices were inspired by the Hill Country surroundings — limestone floors, reclaimed wood paneling and weathered metal accents."

Get the look: Ninth & Vine Shiplap Wall Panels, $189.99

11. Keep your floors simple.

While some people might dress up their floors in bright ceramic tiles or eye-catching mosaic arrangements, it ‌is‌ the arts and crafts way to keep your surfaces as simple as possible. In that case, might we recommend some penny tiles? This frills-free flooring choice adds a hint of texture without becoming the center of attention. Let this small space from Together Home show you how it's done.

Get the look: Merola Tile Hudson Penny Round Glossy White Porcelain Mosaic Tile, $13.56 per square foot

12. Add a touch of opulence with a clawfoot tub

Though arts and crafts bathroom design might relish in simplicity, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate some luxe touches. In fact, a clawfoot tub is a mainstay in the design movement, not to mention it'll give your room an opulent edge. Designer Katie Martinez doubled down on the arts and crafts style by pairing this high-contrast freestanding tub with eye-catching black and white tile. The result? A simple yet stunning space anyone can enjoy.

Get the Look: 90210 Kitchen and Bath 59" Black Clawfoot Acrylic Soaking Bathtub, $949

13. Bring a pared-back approach to your accessories.

Bringing an arts and crafts touch to any bathroom is quite doable, actually. All you ‌really‌ need to do is pepper simple, barely-there accessories into your space. (Though we love ornate pieces as much as the next design lover, they're a better fit for art deco rather than arts and crafts style.) As Susie Novak proves, a slim wall mirror and matching accoutrements are sometimes all it takes to make a splash.

Get the look: Pottery Barn Layne Oval Wall Mirror, $499

14. Stay true to symmetry.

Perhaps the easiest way to bring understated elegance to your arts and crafts bathroom design is with a symmetrical layout. Though it might be the oldest trick in the design book, having matching accessories offers a visual break for the eye, which is what this design style is all about. In this wallpapered room, designer Hayley English nailed the look with matching sconces and two nickel towel bars.

Get the look: George Oliver Giorgia Armed Sconce, $89.99



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