The Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets

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There are several different granite colors that are great for white cabinets.
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White kitchen cabinetry is timeless in appearance and opens the door to a myriad of decorating combinations. Depending on your style and taste, options for the best color granite for white cabinets range from stark black-and-white to ultra-modern, blending gray and stainless steel into your palette. Move to the warm side of the color spectrum by emphasizing browns and golds, or consider a French Provencal look with dramatic blue granite countertops.

But white comes in more than one shade. A variety of shades exist and it's wise to bring a cupboard door with you to match the shades when considering different granite options. And like the differing colors of white, granite slabs are as distinctive in their colors. Shop at a slab yard to choose the exact piece of granite that matches your white cabinetry.

White-on-White Monochromatic Effect

A clean look and one that blends with any accent color, white-on-white is ideal for both a dark kitchen or one that is flush with sunlight. It also expands the look of a small room. The overall design must be pre-determined, however, as flooring and a backsplash complete the room.

Bianco Romano granite resembles marble, with a gray vein over a white surface. River white contains specs of either brown or burgundy that can be used to determine accents. White or stainless appliances are recommended and a white or distressed wood floor blends. Choose a backsplash that highlights your accent color or use the granite chosen for the countertop as a backsplash as well.

Cool Modern Design Scheme

White cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a gray stone or distressed wood floor and gray-centric granite create an ultra-modern kitchen. Alaska white is an open field of white with dramatic gray veining, while some ambrosia white features a clean, white field with gray spotting.

Azul platino granite with white cabinets offers a more complex and dense granite look, with an emphasis on a heavy black background. Black diamond features a muddy, dark gray background with lighter gray and white veining.

Couple any of these granites with a gray and opaque white backsplash that includes decorative stainless inserts, and if the cabinetry has hardware, choose modern brushed aluminum to coordinate with your look. Stay in the cool spectrum by adding accents in teal or shiny black.

Warm Brown Granite

Moving away from the starkness of white and emphasizing the warmth of the room, another granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets features brown or gold as its main color to immediately change the personality of the room. Baltic brown features a field of beige-hues over a deeper brown or gray background. It coordinates with the white cabinetry by making the field of granite more crisp and it welcomes white accents.

White or stainless appliances, a brown or stainless sink and brown and clear-glass backsplash tiles unite the colors. Atlantis C is a more dramatic brown-gold granite, with a white field and splashes of sienna. It lightens the tone of the room and invites white appliances and rustic accent touches. Lighter brown, such as tan or sand, complement the white cabinetry and lean toward a monochromatic look.

Kashmir gold granite is complex in its pattern yet light in look. Against white cabinetry and a bronze and glass tile backsplash, the room is warm yet modern. A deeper sand, Madura gold granite plays quietly against white cabinetry. Both work best with cream or bronze appliances and a light floor.

Dramatic Blue Granite

Create the look of the French Provencal countryside in your kitchen by uniting white cabinetry with blue granite. Granite azul imperial resembles jet vapor trails in a blue sky. Dominated by a field of dark blue, the granite invites yellow accents to complete the theme.

A distressed white floor and white appliances add to the cleanliness of the room. Bend toward the lavender influence of Provence with Granite aquarella or granite tycoon blue and use bronze or yellow as accent colors.

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