Costco Released a New Flavor of This Popular Bakery Item

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Just when you thought Costco couldn't possibly come up with a new bakery item idea, it swoops in with another absolutely mouthwatering sweet treat. With the recently launched lemon cheesecake cups, and the rerelease of its famous lemon bites, there's already too many delicious choices, but Costco has added yet another citrusy dessert to its bakery. What did we do to deserve all this bliss?


The retailer has just unveiled mini lemon cakes with buttercream icing, according to a video from @costcosisters on Instagram. The Costco raspberry mini cakes must have been a hit this last month as the brand already released a new flavor.

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The citrus is the perfect light zest to cap off the rest of the summer while also indulging your sweet tooth. You won't be able to bypass the bakery section this time, and other Instagram users agree. One wrote, "Oh noooooo!!! We're in trouble!!!" while another said, "Running to Costco right now! Meet me there ASAP and bring drinks because we're eating these in the parking lot!"

You can pick up a box of six mini cakes for $9.99 at your local Costco. Just make sure to call ahead to ensure it has the dessert in stock.

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