This Limited-Edition Oreo Is Finally Back on the Shelves

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Pumpkin spice Oreos have just hit the stores again for the first time in five years, but another old favorite is about to have its comeback moment. We all know that once you go double stuffed, it's not easy — or, arguably impossible — to go back, but what about triple stuffed?


Well, you can multiply your excitement by three as Oreo Brookie-O Flavor Cremes are returning to the shelves this September, according to a post by @junkfoodmom. Oreo also revealed in its own post that the launch date is officially on the 12th.

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You may remember the limited-edition flavor from back in 2020 (just when we all needed a good cookie most), but the Oreo was only available while supplies lasted. And with a flavor like this one, you can bet they didn't last long.

The Oreo Brookie-O has three layers: original cream, brownie, and chocolate chip cookie. If your mouth is already watering, you may want to start keeping your eyes peeled for these soon, as the cookie is limited edition this time around, too.


To say commenters were excited to hear about the revival of the Oreo Brookie-O would be an understatement. "Yeah, I need to get my hands on these," one user wrote, while another said, "My husband has been waiting for these ever since he finished his first pack!"

All of our favorite desserts rolled into one delicious cookie. What more could we ask for? Perhaps some of these other new treats? Make sure you keep watch for these next time you head to the store, too:




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