Snacklins New Collab With Fly By Jing Will Spice Up Your Life

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What is it about crispy snacks that make them just so delicious? Maybe it's the salt, or the excitement of the crunch, but whatever it is, we're always eager to try out some new ones. This year, we have already tasted Aldi's new kettle chips, Trader Joe's lentil chickpea crisps, and Costco's buffalo chicken chips, but there's a new flavor of a popular crunchy snack on the market that you'll want in your pantry ASAP.


You may have heard of Snacklins, a plant-based snack company owned by former radio personality and chef, Samy Kobrosly. The Snacklins chip is meant to resemble an airy pork rind, but is instead comprised of yuca, mushroom, and onion.

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The new flavor, Mala Spice Mix, is ... well, spicy to say the least. Made with 11 herbs and spices, the website describes the new flavor as "warm, numbing, and savory." It is being sold for a limited time in partnership with Chinese culinary brand, Fly By Jing.

Mala is actually a seasoning also described as "spicy and numbing," and is considered a signature flavor of Chinese Sichuan fare. The seasoning itself includes Erjingtiao chili and Sichuan pepper.

The snacks are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and soy free, so you can indulge without worry. And each snack-size bag is only 100 calories. It also comes in flavors like like nacho, barbecue, and cinnamon churro.


Fly By Jing shared the new flavor in an Instagram post, and followers expressed their excitement in the comments. One wrote, "This is a collab I never knew I needed!" while another said, "Wow!!!!! NEED!!!!"

You can order directly from the Snacklin website. The bundle includes six snack-size bags and three sharing-size bags for $36. Beware: Once you start, you may not be able to stop.



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