This Nutty Costco Snack Is Perfect for Sriracha Fans

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Time and time again, Costco continues to prove itself as a goldmine for a delicious snacks. For example, the warehouse recently released pumpkin spice yogurt-covered pretzels, just in time for autumn. Its most recent addition is a super crunchy treat, and it happens to taste like a popular condiment.


According to users on Reddit, the warehouse is currently offering large bags of Huy Fong Sriracha Almonds. The product consists of roasted almonds tossed in a dried sriracha seasoning. It also costs just $12.99 per 1.5-pound bag, which is a pretty awesome deal. (The same product is sold for nearly $20 on Amazon.)

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However, if you have a high tolerance to heat, this snack might not be spicy enough for your taste buds. In this case, one Reddit user recommends trying the sriracha-flavored almonds from Blue Diamond instead. It's not available in large bags, but it's said to be spicier than the Huy Fong version.

If you do want to try the Huy Fong Sriracha Almonds, make sure to call your local Costco to confirm the item is in stock.

How to eat sriracha almonds:

In addition to eating the spicy almonds as is, you can toss them in salads or a savory trail mix. Another option is to crush up the almonds and sprinkle them in hummus. Yum.


How to make sriracha almonds at home:

It's also possible to make sriracha almonds at home. This may be ideal if the Huy Fong version isn't spicy enough for your liking or if your local Costco doesn't have it in stock.

Personally, we're eyeing this recipe for sriracha spice almonds by Taste of the Frontier. Not only does it call for basic ingredients like olive oil and onion powder, but it takes just four minutes to prep and five minutes to cook.



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