This New Costco Cake Is Making Shoppers Drool

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When you're a fan of sweet treats, Costco is an amazing place to be. Not only does the warehouse create their own desserts — like the beloved apple-filled danishes — but it also stocks goodies from other popular brands. One of the most recent additions is a decadent gooey butter cake by the one and only Junior's.


If you're unfamiliar with gooey butter cake, it's a dessert traditionally made in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a popular treat in Southern states, and it's known for its firm, somewhat pudding-like consistency. Meanwhile, Junior's is a restaurant chain based in New York City. The company is renowned for its cheesecake, though it creates other types of cakes as well.

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This includes the iconic gooey butter cake, which is now available at Costco. "This butter golden cake is topped with sweet, gooey cream cheese icing and powdered sugar," said @costcobuys in a recent Instagram post. Yum.

It's worth noting that some shoppers thought the cake was too sweet. That being said, if you're not a fan of super sweet confections, you might want to pass on this cake.

According to @costcobuys' Instagram post, the cake weighs 36 ounces and costs $14.79, though the price might vary by location. To check if the cake is in stock at Costco, call ahead before visiting the store.


How to make gooey butter cake at home:

If you're unable to find the cake at Costco, you can try making it at home. It's surprisingly easy to do, as proven by this gooey butter cake recipe by chef and TV personality Paula Deen. (She's often credited for popularizing the cake outside of St. Louis, Missouri.) Her version uses boxed yellow cake mix, along with kitchen staples like eggs, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and of course, butter. Check out her recipe here.



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