This Fan-Favorite Costco Treat Is Back for a Limited Time

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It looks like Costco is getting in the fall spirit, and we are so here for it. According to Reddit users, the warehouse officially re-released its apple danishes, a popular seasonal treat.


The pastries are available in packs of four and cost $9.99 for two packs, or eight danishes. That works out to $1.24 per piece, which is a pretty sweet deal, considering each danish is ​huge​.

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On that note, you can pair a pack of apple danishes with another variety. Costco typically sells almond-filled, cherry-filled, and cream cheese-filled versions, though some shoppers note that they haven't seen the almond flavor as of late.

Either way, like most seasonal bakery items at Costco, the apple danishes won't be around forever. Allegedly, "they are just back on a temporary basis to allow bakeries to use the remaining apple filling they have left [over] from when they were making the apple streusel muffins," says one Reddit user.


That said, if you spot the re-released treat at your local Costco, be sure to scoop up a pack or two. You can also call Costco in advance to confirm if the pastry is in stock.

Other bakery items available at Costco:

As Costco makes the transition from summer to fall, you might see different types of seasonal pastries at your warehouse. It's also worth noting that the availability will vary by location.


For example, shoppers recently spotted the new mini lemon cakes with buttercream icing, which sound absolutely divine. They're priced at $9.99 for one box of six mini cakes (or large cupcakes, depending on how you look at it.)

Costco shoppers also report that the warehouse is offering braided apple strudels, which are basically large hand pies with apple filling. One pack contains eight apple strudels and costs $7.99.



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