This Popular Bakery Item Is Back on Costco Shelves

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If you've been craving the warm and cozy flavors of fall, you're in luck. According to Instagram user @costcohotfinds, Costco just brought back its braided apple strudel, and shoppers are scooping it right up.


The treats are essentially large hand pies stuffed with apple pie filling. They're also sold in packs of eight for $7.99, which equals just $1 per strudel. It's a pretty sweet deal, to say the least.

Video of the Day

Many Costco fans suggest heating up the apple strudels and eating them with ice cream. For example, in an Instagram video, @costcohotfinds warms up an apple strudel in an air fryer, adds ice cream, and tops it off with caramel sauce, describing the combo as "sweet, doughy, and SO good." Other users love heating the strudels in a toaster oven for three to five minutes.

Another shopper suggested adding toasted nuts, which sounds amazing. That said, we're dreaming of pairing a warm apple strudel with ice cream and the butter toffee-flavored cashews from Costco. Hello, autumn flavors!


Now, it's worth noting that the strudels were sold in May in previous years. It's unclear why Costco re-released the bakery item in late summer this year, or if they will continue to do so. Either way, we're glad they're back in stock.

If you're interested in trying the braided apple strudels, you can find them in the bakery section of your local Costco warehouse. You can also check if the item is in stock by calling in advance.


Can you freeze the Costco braided apple strudels?

You'll be happy to know that the bakery item is freezer-friendly. Just be sure to store the treats in an air-tight container to minimize the risk of freezer burn. When you're ready to enjoy the strudels, simply heat them in the air fryer or toaster oven. According to shoppers, they'll be "just as good as the day you bought them."



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