This Aldi Treat Made People Lose It Last Year, and Now It's Back

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When it comes to seasonal goodies, people tend to swoon over the super unique treats. (We're looking at you, apple cinnamon ice cream.) But sometimes, the simplest products steal the show, as proven by Aldi's popular canned fried apples.


According to Reddit users, people went crazy over the item last year. It's also officially back in stores and costs $1.89 per can, depending on your location. What's more, the apples are cooked in cinnamon, which is sure to emphasize the delicious flavors of fall.

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Now, it's worth noting that canned fried apples (also known as stewed apples) aren't exactly new. But apparently, the Aldi version has a better texture and flavor than other brands, so it has gained quite the fan club.

If you're new to canned fried apples, know that it's different from apple pie filling. One Reddit user describes it as a chunky applesauce, while another notes that the "sauce" portion isn't as thick as pie filling.


You can find the canned fried apples in the canned fruit section of Aldi.

Ways to use canned fried apples:

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy canned fried apples. Here are some of our favorite ideas that have been shared on Reddit:


  • On top of buttermilk pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal
  • Slightly heated on top of ice cream
  • In hand pies
  • As a side dish for pork chops
  • On top of cinnamon rolls

For a simpler take, you can just heat up the apples and top them with nuts and whipped cream. Done and done.


Other seasonal items at Aldi:

Aldi is offering apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice ice cream at $1.99 per pint. Personally, we'd love to try these flavors with warmed canned fried apples. Yum.

The retailer is also selling pumpkin spice and maple vanilla whipped toppings, which would taste great with the ice creams as well. Clearly, Aldi is the place to be this fall.



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