Costco's New Danish Pastries Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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If you love stocking your kitchen with fun, new-to-you treats, you'll want to stop by Costco soon. According to @costcobuys on Instagram, the warehouse is currently selling Danish puff pastries with 96 (yes, 96!) layers of goodness.


The product is Karen's Bakery Danish Puff Pastries. It consists of "classic puff pastry waffles with a crunchy shell and delicious vanilla filling," as noted by the manufacturer's website.

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Now, it's worth mentioning that Costco shoppers had mixed reviews on the product. Some people thought the puff pastries were too sweet, while others said they were utterly delicious. That being said, if you're not a fan of super sweet desserts, the item might not be for you.

If you do pick up the puff pastries, try sticking them in the freezer before digging in. Per one shopper, a Costco employee noted that the treat is amazing when frozen.


Other Costco fans shared that the pastries are particularly tasty with hot coffee or tea, so you'll definitely be trying that pairing.

Each box of Karen's Bakery Danish Puff Pastries costs $7.89 and contains 36 pieces. However, as with all products, the availability might vary by region. Be sure to call your local Costco to check if it's in stock; its item number is 1646227.


Other new Costco products:

While you're shopping for sweet treats at Costco, stop by the refrigerator section. Here, you may find chocolate chip ricotta, which sounds absolutely divine. Personally, we'd love to use this in stuffed French toast or as a dip for graham crackers. The product costs $13.89 per pound.


For something even fancier, pick up a tub of Kirkland Signature Black Label Nuts. Priced at $47.99, it features nearly five pounds of high-quality cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. According to shoppers, these nuts are exceptionally tasty compared to other nuts at Costco.



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